7 websites to make $100 a day in 2019

How To Make a $100 a Day With These 21 Proven Ways in 2020

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Do you want to learn of 21 ways to make $100 per day in 2020? Are you sick and tired of many websites promising you ways to make money online and yet they take you down a drain of frustration and disappointment? Yeah, you have tried everything. But I want to assure you that there are still a lot of legitimate ways to make $100 online today. If you end up enjoying this post, be sure to share it on any social media you prefer.

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21 Websites to Make a $100 a Day in 2020 Easily

I do want to mention that you may have seen one site mentioned here. And since this article is relatively long, you may want to jump straight to a specific site. I have taken time to pick some of the best side hustle ideas online. And you will benefit greatly if you look at all the sites given.

All right then, we will go ahead and get started with the first of the 21 websites on how to make a 100 dollars a day in 2020.  While I have a feeling you’ll love all the sites given, I’m sure number 4 and 6 will appeal to a lot of you. So without further ado let’s hop into the first website.

Vipkid Teachers Portal – Teach English Online at Your Own Time

7 websites to make $100 a dayThis is called Vipkidteachers portal. Basically you become an online tutor teaching English or you can also teach other languages. Right, so whatever language you’re most fluent in, you can teach that. You can earn $14 up to $22 per hour just by teaching English online.

And the cool thing is you get to pick your own hours. So it’s super cool, right? It’s very flexible and you can work from home, you can work from Starbucks and stuff like that.

And unlike a regular teacher, you don’t have to create lesson plans. You don’t have to grade tests and papers. As you can guess, you’ll have a lot of fun doing this. There are over 200,000 students waiting to be taught.

So you’re always going to have people you can be able to teach. That means you can always be making money. So this is a perfect website I’m giving you of how to make $100 per day online right now.

As I have mentioned above, say you’re making twenty-two dollars an hour. Working six hours a day will get you well over a hundred dollars per day and that’s working from home. So that would probably be a really enjoyable job.

It’s free to sign up on Vipkid teachers portal. I highly recommend you guys take a look at this. It is a great way to make some side income. Guys, these are legitimate ways to make $100 extra money online. Hold on to your hat because I’m about to give you another cool website which is popular among college graduates.

Study Pool – Help People With Homework and be Rewarded

Study Pool is one side hustle where you basically help people with their homework. Kind of like a tutor, right?

I mean you get paid to help people with their homework and assignments in various subject matters. With this second site among 21 websites to make $100 a day in 2020, you can earn up to five thousand dollars per month.

Imagine that,  just by answering homework questions and assignments. This can be done once again from home. You can sit at your desk at home and make $5,000 per month. This is well over aMake money online hundred dollars a day. It’s more like $150 or even a little bit over that.

I’m showing you cool ways to make money online without paying anything. To get started, just browse the site once you sign up to become a tutor and there are over 30 subjects to choose from.

You can find subjects that you, maybe, know a decent amount about. That way you’re not answering questions where you don’t know anything about the subject. So there are a lot of subjects to choose from and you basically just provide quality answers to the students’ homework questions.

After that, you receive payment once the student’s needs are met. You’ll have already agreed on the sum to be paid with the student. This is a cool website to make $100 dollars per day. And you know what? It’s been featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, and The Huffington Post.

Go ahead and check out Study Pool. It is a great way to make $5,000 per month right from the comfort of your home. Well, let me lay bare the remaining four websites. Number 4 will definitely interest you.

Scriebie – Transcribe Audio/Video Files. It’s easier than you think.

This is basically a transcription service where all you do is transcribe and you get paid a pretty solid amount. Again it’s a home-based job which is trendy and you can do this from anywhere in the world. Is n’t that really cool?

It’s all about having that freedom lifestyle. Freedom to work wherever you want when you want. With these types of sites you can pick your own hours. If you say you’re not a morning person, well you can work at night. If you like working in the morning and have the rest of your day to yourself, you can do that as well.

You get paid five to twenty-five dollars per audio hour pay rate and that’s in US dollars. These things take like ten minutes or less because mostly they are short files. And so basically, all you do is transcript audio files.

The way it works is that somebody will send you an audio file and you will type out basically what that audio file says. These are real ways of making extra money from home. A little trick one can use is to go to Google Docs and use voice typing. All you do is turn on the microphone and you’ll play the audio. This way your document will be typed out automatically and all you do is edit it. This makes your work easier and faster of course.

You can also use your phone to do this with an app called Voicera. With this, you can make $5.00 up to $25.00 per hour which is extremely good. With $25 an hour, you work four hours a day, and you are making $100 per day.

This would be a perfect little side income to get started with or maybe even a full-time income if you put enough time and effort into this. Now, here comes website number 4. I love it.

Fat Llama – How to Make 100 Dollars Today Renting Out Idle Items

This one is another really cool website. I just found this recently, and it’s called Fat Llama. I think it’s one of the creative ways you can use to easily start making 100 dollars quick cash. On this site, you can rent out almost anything to anybody.

So what that means how to make $100 online right nowis, if you have a spare iPhone lying around, you have some spare camera gear, you have a spare fishing rod, if you had anything lying around you can actually go on to the fat llama and you can rent it out to people online via their website.

And you can rent these at say five dollars a day, twenty bucks a day. I’ve seen things for 150 dollars a day. We’ve got drones, we’ve got all sorts of stuff and if you go onto the browse tab, you can actually see all of the categories and niches that you can go and rent stuff in.

They have also a map where people can go and find things to rent in their area. So if you’ve got some old stuff laying around, there’s no harm renting the stuff out to people in your area or in your country.

This is how to make extra money on the side by literally doing nothing. To get started, all you’ve got to do is upload your stuff to this website and people have the opportunity to rent your stuff. And then you have the opportunity to make money from renting out your stuff. You literally do nothing, it’s like passive income.

The internet today is full of new ways to make $100 a day extra money. They come and pick it up, you rent it out and then you get money right? It’s so easy to do and there are so many categories. If you browse their site now, you will find people are renting out clothing, people are renting out musical instruments, people are renting out kids and babies stuff. People are renting out DJ equipment, drones, projectors screens, film and photography, all of the stuff that you can rent out if you have stuff laying around the house.

So fat llama is another cool site to make extra money online and it’s very easy to sign up. You just sign up and then you can list your item. You can start renting out your items so people can go and use them and you can make money. Check out the next website. It’s equally amazing.

Ibotta – Get paid for shopping Online or In-store

Most shoppers would like to spend less on their shopping list. On several occasions, shop owners attract customers by offering discounts on their products. It is said that saving money is a great way to make money. So you can save money using ibotta as you carry out your normal day to day shopping.

Two ways are available to make use of Ibotta. You can earn cash back when you shop online or in-store.

Online shopping can be done from your phone or using a computer. Either way, Ibotta has got you covered. On the phone, the Ibotta app makes shopping easy and rewarding. And on the computer, it is easy to earn cash back as you shop online and pay with the Ibotta browser extension. You can earn cash back at over 150 online retailers with Ibotta. These include food delivery services, travel sites and many more.

For in-store shopping, Ibotta offers ways to save on your shopping at some of the top national retailers and local hot spots. You can earn from offers on individual products and you can also earn instant cashback on your entire purchase. When you use the pay with Ibotta in-store, you can earn up to 10% cashback on your entire purchase at more than 50 national retailers and restaurants.

MiPic – Upload Pictures to This Site and Be Rewarded

Website number five is really cool as well. It’s called miPic and you can upload art to this website or pictures that you have.

Knowing that lots of people like taking pictures especially with smartphones, this is easy stuff to do. Let me go step by step the simple process you have to do. The first step requires you to share your art. So you basically take your image and upload it to this website. Then they bring it to life by putting it on various items.

It’s like print on demand and then you basically become a designer and then you get paid via PayPal. These guys showcase your artwork all around the world and they’ll drive people to your gallery and provide you tools to help you promote your products to friends and social followers.

When a sale is made you earn up to a twenty-dollar commission per sale. So it’s a four-step process, upload your art, bring your art to life, become a designer and then you get paid via PayPal which is their common payment platform.

Unlike online surveys for money, I think this is a really simple and interesting way to go out there and make some extra money online if you have some art or pictures laying around.

Lime – Juice Up Those Bikes and Make a Side Income

Lime is one side hustle that can bring you much money. I think this one can appeal to the young and energetic. It’s one way you can learn how to make extra cash online as a teenager. You can make some side income from this site. This is called Lime scooters.

These are scooters that people use via an application to get around towns legitimate ways to make money onlineand cities. But they have a problem, and they offer a solution that you can actually get involved in and make extra cash.

The scooters run out of battery and you can go to charge the scooters. You can actually sign up to this website and at your convenience, you can drive around, pick up scooters and if you charge them you make some money.

Now, tell me, does anyone need anything more to make extra cash online without investment? Here, this is how Lime works. Collect low battery lime scooters, charge them overnight and deploy them in the morning and get paid. How easy is that?

To go out get these scooters to charge them up, deploy them back into the world and then you get paid for doing that. And it’s not only Lime, I think there’s birds scooters as well and probably are other scooter applications as well.

And maybe applications of Lime isn’t in your city yet, you may have one soon if you don’t have any of this type of stuff in your city. But you can make good money. Lime scooters charging(or juicing as they call it) is one of the online income opportunities you can use today. So if lime scooters is in your city, you can sign up to make money today at lime bike juicer.

Upwork – How to Make 100 Dollars a Day Freelancing

Another great way to make money online is by using a website called Upwork. It is one of the top trusted online earning sites with a lot of side hustle opportunities. If you have any type of skill, you can go to Upwork and find people that are looking for people to hire. So Uphow to make $100 right now onlinework is a great website for freelancers.

If you have some sort of skill that someone could use for their business, then this site is a way to make money fast today. For example, if you’re a web developer, mobile developer, if you’re into design, if you’re a writer, if you’re a virtual assistant, customer service, sales, and marketing, etc, you’ll find your services needed at Upwork.

Now I would recommend if you don’t have much of many skills or anything out there and you’re kind of new to this, go and put yourself up as a virtual assistant. Because they can generally do anything and usually when someone hires you, they have to teach you what to do anyway. Because you know, it’s not a one size fits all.

So go and upload yourself as an assistant and you can do multiple jobs online and the person hiring you will actually teach you what they want to do. That’s why a virtual assistant is actually one of the best things to do on Upwork because you don’t need to have a skill.

They will teach you and they will show you what they want you to do for them. So Upwork is another website you can use on how to make a steady income online.

SkillShare – Share Your Skill Once and Earn Passive Income For Your Work

How to make 100 dollars online is simple and achievable with the websites I have shown you. But here is one cool website to make passive income. It is called SkillShare. Like the name suggests you can earn money and put extra cash in your pocket by sharing your skill.

Unlike affiliate marketing where you may need to share several blog posts if you are doing it through a blog, Skillshare is one of the ways to make money by sharing your skill once. This is a real passive income that will bring extra cash your way for a long time.

There are many skills you can share on this platform. Music, fine art, photography, graphic design and so on and so forth. Here is how it works.

You have to create a class where you share your skill. This you do by filming your Skillshare class in the comfort of your home. You then publish it on Skillshare with its class upload tool. Don’t get scared. Skillshare will hold you by hand and show you every step of the way.

There are more than 7 million students learning on Skillshare. And you’ll earn extra money every month for every student who watches your classes, forever. Isn’t that awesome passive income? You’ll be interested to know that top teachers on Skillshare earn in the region of $100,000 a year.

Start a YouTube Channel – It’s Free and Easy

YouTube is one place you can earn money. YouTube’s mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world. And it’s values are anchored on four freedoms. These are freedoms of expression, information, opportunity and the freedom to belong.

Starting a YouTube channel is free and you can make videos literally about anything. In fact, YouTube is a huge search engine on its own. Go to YouTube and search for anything and you are sure to find a video about it.

Earning money from YouTube may not be a quick fix in your quest to make 100 dollars per day. When you set up your channel, you begin with zero subscribers and zero views of your videos. But that should not discourage you. It’s where everyone else begins.

With consistency, creativity and hard work, your subscribers will steadily rise and hence increasing your video views. The more video views you get the more money you make. A popular channel can make more than 100 dollars in a single day. In 2019, eight-year-old YouTuber, Ryan Kaji posted earnings to the tune of $26 million.

If you want to make a go on YouTube, you can find helpful information in the article How to Make Money on YouTube|5 Easy Ways for Newbies.

Zirtual – Become a Virtual Assistant for Busy Entrepreneurs

Zirtual is a website that provides virtual assistants to busy entrepreneurs, professionals, and small teams.

If you are searching for creative ways to make money online, think of Zirtual. Because that is where you come in to earn an extra 100 dollars as a skilled remote assistant. You work remotely on various tasks. These include research and reports, email address management, social media, expensing and invoicing. Other tasks include travel booking, scheduling and planning, and data entry.

earn moneyTo be a virtual assistant, you must be recruited by Zirtual. At the moment Zirtual recruits only US-based assistants. You can find available openings through this link.

Through Zirtual, virtual assistants can earn extra money in the range of $13 to $18 per hour. At $18 an hour, when you work 5 to 6 hours from the comfort of your home, you have a great way to make a 100 dollars a day online in 2020.

ACX – Your Voice Can Earn You Good Money

Do you have a voice to become a narrator? There are thousands of authors and publishers looking for narrators to convert their books into audio. ACX provides a platform for you to pick from a lot of offers. The audiobooks you produce will be available on iTunes, Audible and Amazon. This is another great way of how to make 100 dollars a day.

earn moneyYou can sign up on ACX here. After that, you are required to create your profile. Then upload your audio samples. The more you upload the better because it will be easier for authors to find you.

The next step is to choose how you want to get paid for your narration work. Two options are available. You can choose your own per finished hour rate which is paid upon successful completion of the audiobook. Or you can choose to share royalties from sales with the Rights Holder.

You can then audition for books you’re interested in narrating and producing. There is a great number of books to audition for. Mostly over a thousand.

When the Rights Holder makes you an offer, you can then agree on completion date and payment terms.

Airbnb – A Cool Way of How to Make a 100 Dollars Fast

Do you have a room to spare? If you do, then you can make some extra cash with Airbnb. People who have offered to provide a spare room for a few days to an Airbnb guest have netted over $1,500+ in a month.

The world is full of travelers day in day out. Some of these travelers may not be keen to stay in a hotel for various reasons ranging from fun to economic reasons. If you have some room to spare you can offer it a cost you decide. And with your own house rules.

12 websites to make $100 a day in 2019Airbnb makes it easy and secure to host travelers. Your availability, house rules, prices and interaction with the guests is all under your control.

To protect you as a host, Airbnb provides cover for property damage protection and insurance against accidents. Airbnb verifies guests by asking them to provide particular information about themselves.

Listing your space is free on Airbnb. So here is a chance for you to earn extra 100 dollars by providing your spare room in your apartment. Let your listing go live and start expecting your first guest.

Guru – Allow Your Technical Skills Earn You Extra Income

What technical skills do you have? You can make use of that technical skill and make extra money online. Guru is a platform where employers post technical assignments. Freelance workers like you can submit their quotes for the various jobs and get hired.

You can sign up for free and build your profile. Your task is to describe the services you offer. Include as much detail as possible for your profile to stand out to employers.

12 websites to make $100 a day in 2019Categories in which you can offer your skills are wide-ranging. These include programming & development, design & art, engineering & architecture, legal, business & finance. Under these categories, there are also subcategories.

As a freelancer, Guru allows you to create teams to accomplish an assignment. You can use what is called workrooms to work efficiently, interact with team members and communicate with employers. In the workrooms, you can add members to your team and assign roles to each individual. You can also enhance productivity by sharing files, communicating with team members and creating invoices in a single place.

Getting paid through Guru’s secure payment system ensures that your payments come at the right time. You can choose from four payment options. These are Paypal, Payoneer, wire transfer or direct deposit if you are in the USA.

Make Money Driving With Uber or Lyft

Do you have a car? You can make $100 today. Here is how you can make money driving for Uber or Lyft.

Uber provides for two communities. There is a community that wants to take a ride across the city. To have a ride from a shopping mall to the hotel or maybe to have their favorite pizza delivered right at their doorstep. This community has money to spend on such a service.

The second community has some time on hand, a car and willing to drive around and help the first community to get to their desired destination for a fee. Uber provides a platform for these two communities to meet and fulfill their desires.

When you drive with Uber, you earn money at your own schedule in your spare time. It’s no big deal if you don’t have time to drive. Because with Uber, you drive when you want and where you want. You are totally in charge and there is no boss or office to report to. The more you drive, the more money you make of course.

Sign up with Uber and hit the road to earn extra cash for yourself. You have to provide your email address and phone number to sign up. Once your account is activated, you can start getting connected to customers and make use of your spare time.

Amazon Services – How to Make 100 Dollars Quickly Plying Your Profession

Amazon is a great and renown platform. Millions of people have at one time purchased a book, TV, Shaver or anything like that from Amazon.

But did you know that you can sell your professional services on Amazon? If you are a plumber, you can sell your service on Amazon. Are you an electrical professional? You also can use Amazon to sell your services.

With Amazon’s professional services, how to make a 100 dollars a day and more can be an easy undertaking right in your area. Here is how it works.

Millions of people shop on Amazon and these people are looking for particulars services. Professionals are providing services like assemblers, house cleaners, handymen and many more. These services can be provided to Amazon customers right in your area.

As a professional, you can offer pre-packaged services and recurring services. Amazon pre-packaged services may include things like TV wall mounting, treadmill assembly, bed assembly, move in or move out house cleaning and many more. Recurring services are purchased as a subscription plan for recurring appointments.

The great thing about this is that there are no fees to start up. That is no sign-up fees, no subscription fees, and no lead fees. You only pay a revenue share on completed assignments. Payment is based on the service type and final price. For pre-packaged services, Amazon walks away with 20% for the portion up to a $1000 and 15% for the portion greater than $1000. For recurring services, Amazon deducts 15%.

So register today and start selling your professional services on Amazon.

Textbroker – Provide Content To Website Owners and Grow Your Income

If you have a knack to write, Textbroker is one of the platforms that can meet your needs. Depending on your writing proficiency, you can make 100 dollars a day on this platform.

With more than a billion websites online, website creators are constantly looking for sources of content for their websites. Textbroker is one of the sources they reach out to for their much-desired content. It could be captivating blog posts, product descriptions or just snappy advertising copy that they are looking for. Textbroker provides a platform where content seekers and creators meet.

And that is where you come in as a writer to provide the desired content and earn an extra 100 dollars doing so. Textbroker provides you a chance to access thousands of writing projects on different subjects. Once you have completed your assignment, you easily make 100 dollars and improve your personal finance. Here is a snapshot of how it works.

You can register with Textbroker for free and verify your US citizenship. You then submit your writing sample that is reviewed to assess your rating. Your author rating allows you to choose an assignment from the open orders.

Textbroker rates your quality of writing in four categories. The lowest is a two-star rating which keeps on rising up to the maximum of a five-star rating. One is able to improve upon their rating and rise from two-star to five-star writer.

On Textbroker, you are paid for every word written. The fee per word is broken down according to the quality rating of your writing. You earn 0.7 cents/word for a two-star rating, 1.0 cents/word for three stars, 1.4 cents/word for four stars and 5 cents/word for the maximum rating of five stars. These rates are for open orders. However, for direct order, you determine your own rate.

To put it in context, if your rating is five stars and you are able to write only 2,000 words in a day, then you make 100 dollars a day for yourself. How cool is that?

99 Designs – Creativity Rewarded. Time to Show Your Creative Skills

Are you a designer?

Good! Then take your design skills to 99 Designs and let the platform handle the rest for you.

At 99 Designs, clients from all over the world are looking for great designs in a lot of categories. Logo design & identity, web & app design, Business & advertising, clothing & merchandise, art & illustration. These are just some of the categories available. And if you are a designer, you surely can find a sweet spot in one of the many categories available.

There are thousands of clients waiting for designers at 99 Designs. There are basically two ways for you to work. You can work directly with clients and set your own prices. You can compete with the design community by submitting your concepts to open contests.

At 99 designs, there are more than 1,500 open contests in various categories. You can check through these contests by industry, keyword and reward money. I must state that these contests are handsomely priced and being picked for a job will make you earn that extra money you are looking for.

So if you are a designer, go and register for 99 Designs here: https://99designs.com/designers

Earn While You Learn. Become a Research Analyst

Askwonder.com is an amazing website. It works with well-positioned companies like Johnson & Johnson, Shell, IDEO and many others conducting research on various issues and are willing to pay much money to get answers. Before you think it is complicated and run away, here is an example of one research question.

“Please provide a list of wedding venues in New York and Seattle.”

Here is another;

“How many flexible packaging machines are currently in the U.S market?”

Does that sound complicated or simple? This is research work at home moms are doing right on the computer from the comfort of their homes. Here is how it works.

Companies provide their research questions to Askwonder.com. Depending on the depth of the research question, Askwonder breaks it up into smaller questions than can then be given to different analysts.

Analysts then go to work and scour publicly indexed sources and provide solutions to each piece of the research question. The research is then assembled and delivered to the customer.

What is in it for you as a research analyst? First of all, you are paid for the research that you do. Secondly, you learn lots of things as you carry out the research. It’s a wonderful way to earn while you learn. To join Askwonder as a research analyst go to this link www.askwonder.com.

Just Answer – Let Your Expertise Earn You Money Today

If you are a professional with a specialty of more than 175 categories, you can become an expert at Just Answer and work when and where you want to help people. And you get paid for your expertise.

There are hundreds of categories where expertise is required. Some of these are, animal behavior, appraisals, boats, cars, computers, consumer electronics, engineering. You can also find other categories like law, veterinary, medical, home improvement, heavy equipment, finance and many more.

You can join Just Answer and be part of their mission to help people. Once approved, you can set your own working hours. This means you can work as much or as little as you want. Apart from your expertise, all you need to work with Just Answer is a computer and an internet connection.

You can join Just Answer’s top experts earning thousands of dollars every month helping people resolve their day to day issues.  To apply, you start by selecting your category or categories. You then submit your information which may include your resume and professional credentials. These are verified before you are accepted as one of their experts.

Write an ebook and Start Earning a Passive Income

If you have a knack to write, consider writing an ebook that you can sell and earn a side income passively.

Those who like quick-fix ways to earn extra cash and are generally lazy anyway, will consider this method a daunting task. If you have an idea you want to put in a book and are knowledgeable about it, go for it. It does not need to be a topic out of the blues. Sometimes, it could be a common topic but the way you communicate it, resonates well with your audience.

Except for your time and energy, you can write and publish an ebook spending $0.00. Since your ebook has the potential to reach hundreds or thousands of people, the most rewarding benefit is the ability to help a lot of people along the way. But further to that, you also earn some money in the process.

After you have written your ebook, you can design its cover using Canva which is free. There are several ways to sell your ebook. However, one popular way is to publish it on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. It’s free.  For every copy sold, you earn 70% of the price as long as you have set the price of your ebook between $2.99 and $9.99.

ClickBank– The Home of Digital Products Affiliate Marketing

This website falls under the general theme of affiliate marketing. It is not the only one available as there are thousands of websites recruiting affiliates for their products and services.

What is affiliate marketing and how can you profit from it? In simple terms, affiliate marketing is the promoting of products and services of other people or companies for a commission. It is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. All the affiliate marketer has to do is to promote the product or service and is not responsible for the fulfillment of the order.

This is one of the simple but lucrative form of online marketing. ClickBank normally sells digital products. The creators of these products list them on ClickBank for affiliate marketers to promote. When you promote these products and customers buy, the product owners are willing to pay you a percentage of the cost of a single unit. So the more units you sell the more money you earn.

You can create an account with ClickBank to start earning money. Once you pick a product you want to promote you will get a unique link for that product. This means that if anyone buys that product through that link, the sell will be attributed to you and a commission will be awarded.

Like I said above, Affiliate marketing is provided by thousands of websites. You may have bought some items on Amazon and most probably you could have purchased through an affiliate link. The promotion of affiliate products and services can be done in many ways that include through social networks.

It is more fulfilling to promote products and services that you love to use. If you have products and services of that nature, check on the supplier’s website if they have an affiliate program for their product or service.

User Interviews – Share Your Opinion on Products and Services You Use On a Day to Day Basis

This is a cool website where you can earn some side income for yourself.

Many companies today are seeking ways of continuously improving their products and services and are willing to pay for that. So they invest heavily in research about those products and services they want to enhance. And how best can they get feedback than with the actual users of these products and services?

User Interviews provides a database of vetted professionals and consumers. The companies doing research have a trusted database to go to for their kind of research.

User Interviews recruits participants like you through this link: User Interviews. Once you are on their database, you will start sharing your opinions and get paid for it.

Here is how it works. You create your profile and then search for projects that interest you. You then complete screener surveys to see if you qualify for the projects. Sign up for sessions which may be one on one interviews in person or online. Participate in the sessions and get paid.

User Interviews conduct different studies. Topics include technology, sports, beauty products, social media, transportation, and many more.

The reward on User interviews differ from project to project but is quite handsome. There are projects that pay you $125 for a 60 minutes interview and much more. With a 1 day average time to qualify for your first project, User Interviews is worth giving a shot for your side income.

Start a Blog to Earn Money Online

Creating your own blog is one of the ways you can earn side income online.

Today there are many people creating their own blogs. They blog about their passions and many different things. And depending on the niche of your blog, you are able to make money through affiliate links on your blog.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

It may sound intimidating at first, but I can assure you creating a blog is one of the easiest things today. You do not need to be tech-savvy to do so. You will, however, need to spend some bit of money on things like website hosting. Depending on which web hosting company you choose, this cost may range from $2 to $7 a month.

I must point out though that earning money from your blog is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to put in effort especially in terms of time. Once you work hard and your blog starts receiving sufficient traffic, then you can make some money through affiliate links or ads by media houses.

Here is a guide on how to make a WordPress website that will teach you on things to look for and do. It will also guide you on some of the tools you can use on your way.

Paid surveys are another way of earning some money online. There are so many websites today offering paid surveys. You can earn cool cash or gift cards that you can redeem.

Here, companies conduct research on their products and services. For them to get opinions from users, they conduct surveys through these websites. The companies then pay the website owners who then shares the revenue with the online survey participants.

Rewards from these online survey sites differ from site to site. Some websites pay you cash and others pay you coupons or gift cards which you can then redeem.

So if you have the time to take part in surveys, you can register at a number of these websites. Some popular paid survey sites are Vindale Research, Inbox Dollars, and Swagbucks.

How I made $160.08 from Teespring in Less than 48 hours

Teespring is a print on demand marketplace. All you need is an idea. Use your idea to create a design on the Teespring platform. And what happens next? Tell you what. Leave it to Teespring. They handle everything from storefront to supply chain.

In its initial years, Teespring was only dealing with Tee designs. So all you did was come up with a tee design that you think people would love. But now their portfolio is well extended. In the apparel section, you can do designs for other things like socks, tank tops, leggings and kid’s wear. You can also do designs for pillows, phone cases, tote bags, and mugs.

The design is done right on the Teespring platform. And you set your own price. The profit you will make is displayed when your product is sold. So there is no stock to hold on your side as Teespring takes care of all that.

Check out the Tee I designed on Teespring that earned me $160.08 profit in under 48 hours. Twenty-three units were sold of this simple tee that was targeting ladies married to bearded guys.

Sell Photos Online and Make Money

It is said that images speak louder than words. For some reason humanity loves images. Millions of people are searching for images across the internet. With the advanced camera technology, getting superb photos is a breeze even from your smartphone.

Today, you can take photos and sell them to earn a side income for yourself. Bloggers and website developers are in search of images to use for the online content. One would ask what type of photos are in demand.

Well just about any images you can think of. These images could be of people from children to grannies. It could be images of food, tools, sports, etc. Nature and travel images are also in high demand.

There are so many market places for images. Two of the platform you can sell your photos are Adobe Stock and Shutter Stock.

Task Rabbit – Complete Tasks in Your Area at a Fee

There are folks in your area who want things done around their homes and are willing to pay somebody for that. Task Rabbit provides a convenient and affordable way for them.

Popular tasks available are in the categories of mounting & installation, moving & packing, furniture assembly, cleaning, heavy lifting, and general handyman.

This is where your opportunity comes in. You offer to perform such tasks and get paid for it. So you basically earn side income by helping people to do some of their everyday tasks.

As a Tasker, you register online and be sure to check your email for instructions. The registration link is: https://www.taskrabbit.com/become-a-tasker


There you are. I have given you websites that you can use to make $100 a day. To earn money, you need to put in some work. Once you do your honest part you sure going to make extra income.

Do you have a website that you can make money from that is not listed here? If you do and you think it would be a good mix to be added to this list, please put it in the comments and I will consider adding it to this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make $100 a day?

If you have a car and some free time you can drive with Uber or Lyft and earn $100 a day easily. Depending on your skills you can go to the Upwork website and work as a freelancer. You can provide service as a web developer, marketer, virtual assistant, etc. The opportunities to make $100 a day are so many.

How can I earn extra money from home?

So many ways available today. You can participate in paid surveys, become a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs, teach your language to others, help people with homework, etc. You can do all this armed with only a laptop and internet access right from the comfort of your home.

How much do YouTubers make?

Forbes reports 8-year-old Ryan Kaji's YouTube channel the highest earner posting $26 million in 2019. The point is you can make from zero to millions of dollars. The more views you get on your YouTube channel, the more money you make. YouTube requires you to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours within the past 12 months for you to monetize your channel.

How can I earn money from my blog?

Two quick ways. First one is to run ads. e.g If your blog averages 30,000 pageviews a month you can register with Mediavine to run ads on your blog. The second one is affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs are available and easy to get in almost every niche. In both cases, you are bound to be rewarded handsomely.

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