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25 Genuine Amazon Gift Card for Survey sites

Last Updated on May 18, 2022

Do you love to shop on Amazon? Do you enjoy doing surveys and completing them online? If so, then this blog post is for you! We’re going to talk about how your survey responses can get you an Amazon gift card.

The first step is getting a survey invitation. You will need to fill out the form that the company sends you with specific information like name, email address, phone number, and more.

This part sounds simple enough but it’s important not to forget anything if you really want to get free Amazon gift cards because survey sites won’t be able to process your request without all of these details.

Here are 25 Amazon gift card for survey sites that will reward you for doing simple surveys and other tasks you normally do in your life.

1. Register at Inbox Dollars and earn a free $5 Amazon gift card

amazon gift card for survey

InboxDollars is a website that offers you the opportunity to make money by completing surveys, shopping online, trying products, and referring others.

With every survey completed or product that is tried, you will be rewarded with points that can then be redeemed for Paypal cash or an Amazon gift card.

There are many ways to earn more than just the standard survey invitations and point rewards so make sure to explore their other opportunities when signing up!

2. Swagbucks-Earn Amazon gift cards or cash

Swagbucks is a company that rewards you with points for doing all sorts of things. You’ll get points for completed surveys which translates into the SwagBucks currency called SBs.

You can redeem SBs for prizes and gift cards, which include Amazon gift cards. Swagbucks also offers a $10 sign-up bonus to incentivize users to download its app or visit its site.

One of the best parts about Swagbucks is that they provide you with a quick route to earning free amazon gift card codes or cash rewards without having any obligations at all–no purchase necessary.

3. Survey Junkie – Take Surveys and earn Amazon gift cards

survey for free amazon gift card

This is a website that offers you the opportunity to earn Amazon gift cards for completing surveys.

You can find many survey opportunities on this website and take advantage of their email notifications when new surveys are available.

To sign up, all you need to do is provide your name, email, date of birth, and phone number- easy peasy!

Also, they do not require any credit card information or social security number so you can be confident that your personal data is safe.

In addition to the Amazon gift cards, Survey Junkie also offers a variety of other rewards such as PayPal cash and sweepstakes entries.

4. MyPoints – App that earns you free gift cards faster

MyPoints is one of the oldest and most well-known survey sites. They have been around since 1996, which is an eternity in internet years!

The site specializes in product testing, sweepstakes entries, prize giveaways, and more.

Members earn points by watching videos, shopping online, purchasing a Groupon, and taking surveys.

Members can redeem their points for gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy, or another favorite retailer or cash out via PayPal.

By completing surveys online, you can earn points that are redeemable for gift cards from popular retailers like Walmart or Amazon.

5. Opinion Outpost – Get paid to take surveys

survey to get amazon gift card

Opinion Outpost is known for donating $10,000/month to the American Red Cross. Most surveys take 10-15 minutes and you can take a cash payout via PayPal or redeem for gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, or other popular retailers.

With each survey you complete, you also get a free entry to a quarterly raffle with a $10k prize. The best part about this website is that it has tons of chances to earn Amazon gift cards every day.

The company has partnered with Dynata in the past 10 years to offer free, flexible rewards for people who answer online surveys and earn cash or gift cards.

6. Harris Poll Online – Earn rewards as a member

apps for amazon gift cards

Harris Poll is one of the world’s oldest survey sites. They ask your opinion on consumer habits and current event surveys. Each survey earns HIpoint rewards every time completed.

Users can receive 3 to 5 surveys a month, with each survey ranging from 5 to 25 minutes. Survey rewards include a $50-$500 Amazon gift card, along with other prizes like Apple products and Visa cards.

You can also enter their sweepstakes after each completed survey! To take surveys on this site, you need to register an account with Harris Poll.

You must be over the age of 18, you must be in the U.S. to be able to participate in a survey.

7. Ipsos I-Say – Share your opinion and earn rewards

Ipsos I-Say is the survey site arm of one of the biggest market research companies in the world.

Ipsos runs surveys on behalf of a wide variety of different clients, from major multinationals to local governments and large not-for-profit organizations.

Every time you take part in an Ipsos survey, your efforts will be rewarded with points that can then be redeemed for money off vouchers or, if you’re so inclined, an Amazon gift card.

Ipsos I-Say offers members the chance to win prizes in addition to earning points by occasionally running competitions on their site and offering promotional gift codes for discounts or cash backs when a survey is completed.

8. PrizeRebel – Earn cash for your thoughts

free amazon gift card apps

PrizeRebel is a website where you can earn prizes and Amazon gift cards for completing surveys. The rewards range from $0.25 upwards!

The survey itself may be time-consuming depending on what it entails.

Once completed, you will see the money earned button at the bottom of your screen depending on how long it took you to finish and the type of survey it was.

If you click on that Amazon gift card for completing surveys button, they will ask for your email address and mailing information before sending you an Amazon gift card for completing surveys.

9. Drop – Shop and earn rewards

free $20 amazon gift card

Drop is a free app for iOS and Android that pays users for their shopping activities. After downloading the app, you are required to create a username and password for your member account.

Once this is complete you will need to link it to your bank account or credit card with a minimum of $100 in order to make payments more convenient.

You can then start shopping directly from the Drop app at most major stores like Target, Costco, and Macy’s.

Whenever you use your Drop app to make a purchase the company will give you points which can then be traded for rewards such as cashback or free Amazon gift cards.

10. LifePoints – Get rewarded for living your life

LifePoints is a website that rewards you in Life Points. You can then trade your points for Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash payments, and more!

The first step to completing surveys on this site is clicking the “Surveys” tab at the top of their page.

You’ll be shown all the different kinds of surveys available so scroll through the list to find one that interests you.

Some of the surveys require a small payment before you can start, but they’re fairly cheap and it’s an easy way to make some extra money!

The more surveys you take on LifePoints, the higher your rank becomes. This means better rewards for completing tasks in the future.

11. Toluna – Make your voice heard and get paid

apps to get amazon gift cards

Toluna will reward you when you complete a survey and it’s worth noting that they don’t require any purchase.

Toluna is one of the apps that pay amazon gift cards as their prize which is pretty awesome!

A Toluna survey will take about 15 minutes to complete and you can redeem your reward for gift vouchers, cool products, or probably a $10 Amazon gift card survey reward for your time.

In order to qualify, you need to have an account on the site which is free of course so it’s worth signing up even if just for this one. You’re also eligible as long as you’re over 18 and in the US.

12. Ibotta – Get cashback on groceries and more

win amazon gift card survey

Ibotta is a free app that works on both iOS and Android. It’s super easy to use and they give you a $10 free Amazon gift card just for signing up.

Ibotta is a cashback app that gives you cash any time you buy stuff from the grocery store. You can earn rewards from Ibotta for shopping in-store or online.

You’ll need to have the cashback app on your phone when you’re shopping and they’ll track what you buy.

Ibotta will provide rebates in the form of a coupon at the store or as an Amazon Gift Card.

You can also earn money from Ibotta by referring your friends and family to download the app.

So invite your friends to join and start earning free Amazon gift cards.

13. YouGov – Take surveys and earn rewards

YouGov is an international company that does research on behalf of companies.

Once you’re invited to take their surveys, they’ll ask for your opinions about brands and products or anything else related to consumer behavior.

To take surveys with YouGov, you must fill out a survey profile and provide your contact information and you must be at least 18 years old.

You’ll be sent surveys in waves, so you can take them all at once or space them out over time to use the amazon gift card survey rewards more strategically!

14. Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is an online crowdsourcing marketplace where you can complete tasks for pay.

The majority of these jobs are going to be surveys that will take a few minutes or less to finish and reward you with money or gift cards.

For every survey you successfully complete, Amazon Mechanical Turk will deposit money into your account. You can use those earnings to purchase anything from Amazon.

There are other tasks you can earn from such as transcribing audio recordings or writing product descriptions.

After you’ve completed the survey, it’s up to you whether you want to cash out and take the money instead of an Amazon gift card.

15. SurveyMonkey

apps to get free amazon gift cards

SurveyMonkey(Android|iOS) is one of the world’s most popular survey sites.

You can take surveys on the go to earn reward points. Their Surveys are short—usually around five minutes or less.

You’ll earn up to $0.35 in credits per survey. And when you reach a threshold of $5 or more in credits, you can redeem them for gift cards or donate to charity.

You can get set up in minutes by answering a few questions and SurveyMonkey will start sending you surveys. This is only available in the US and you must be 18 or over.

16. iPoll

iPoll is a survey site that will give you an Amazon gift card in exchange for your survey responses.

You can complete simple surveys by answering questions about what apps or websites you use, how often, the types of products you buy online, where your money goes each month, etc.

It’s so easy to get started with iPoll because all they need from you is your email address, first name, and gender and you’ll be on your way to take any survey for free amazon gift cards.

17. instaGC

apps that pay amazon gift cards

Consider joining instaGC and start receiving digital gift cards instantly. This is a platform that rewards you for things you do online.

These include completing surveys, watching videos, online shopping, and searching the web.

To redeem your points, you have to choose from more than 350 gift cards that include Amazon.

Instant gift cards are digital with gift codes instantly displayed to your device once you redeem your points.

You can then use your gift codes for online or in-store purchases.

18. iRazoo

Like other survey sites, Irazoo is a service that rewards its members for completing surveys.

You can also earn points by playing games, watching videos, and shopping.

Brands are always seeking consumer input and are ready to pay for it. Irazoo provides a platform where you can get paid for completing simple tasks online.

How you get paid is all your choice.

You can use your points to get free Amazon gift cards or other brands.

You can also opt for Paypal cash.

19. Shopkick

surveys for amazon credit

Shopkick is a rewards shopping app that awards you points(called “kicks”) for completing tasks in-store and online.

These can include scanning products, walking into the store, checking out items, or making purchases.

You can also earn kicks by shopping online. Another way to earn kicks is by watching videos and browsing content in the Shopkick app.

You can then redeem the kicks for your favorite gift cards which are delivered digitally to your phone.

There is a wide selection of gift cards to pick from. These include Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and other brands.

20. Branded Surveys – Earn free gift cards

Branded Surveys is among the world’s leaders in conducting marketing research and rewards participants for their opinions.

You are rewarded for taking paid surveys and you have the option to redeem your earned points for gift cards.

Branded Surveys actually offer you 100 points as a sign-up bonus. So, create an account and join the community.

Gift cards are awarded in increments of $5, which is equivalent to 500 points. Another way to redeem your points is to opt for money that is sent to you via direct deposit or through Paypal.

Your options for redeeming your points are wide. If traveling is your passion, you can opt for gift cards at Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, or

You can also earn free Amazon gift cards or gift cards to eBay, Walmart, and Target.

21. Listia Rewards

Amazon gift card for survey

Listia rewards you for helping brands and advertisers shape future products and services.

Since 2009, Listia has paid out millions of dollars to its members.

There are a number of ways you can earn Listia points. One main way is to list all the stuff you don’t use for sale on the Listia marketplace. When other users buy the items, you earn points.

You can also earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and trying new apps.

There are other special offers to get rewarded like trying new products and services or simply taking polls and quizzes.

Just joining Listia will earn you 250 points as a bonus gift. You can easily redeem your points for Amazon gift cards or thousands of other items.

22. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a company that specializes in market research, and they offer Amazon gift cards as one of their rewards.

Pinecone Research is uniquely positioned to give voice to consumers nationwide.

Companies are looking for your input to make new and better products.

You can tell them what you want by completing an online survey, and then you will be rewarded!

You get points for every survey you do and you can use your points to get cash or prizes. You’ll also benefit by having forehand knowledge about a product before it is released.

23. Fetch Rewards

Amazon gift card for surveys

Fetch Rewards is an app that gives you cash back and gift cards for the things you buy or the restaurants you eat at.

How is that for your shopping made more rewarding?

This app lets you earn redeemable points in several ways. You can earn by snapping paper and digital receipts of your purchases.

You can also earn by purchasing products featured in the ‘Brands’ section of the app.

Another way to earn points is by completing certain actions made available within the application like completing online surveys. You can also earn by referring your friends.

You can install the app today and begin to earn free Amazon gift cards.

You can also trade your points for coffee at Starbucks, a taxi ride with Uber, or a gift. You have several options.

24. Gaming Apps to Earn Free Amazon Gift cards

There are apps that will enable you to get free Amazon gift cards and other amazing rewards even if you are a casual gamer.

These games to play for money come in a variety of different genres, including sports games and puzzle games.

As a gamer, you’ll have a wide range of options to pick from. Here are three examples.

Lucktastic is a free fun game that will reward you with cash or tokens that you can redeem for a gift card of your choice from over 30 major brands and retailers. Amazon, of course, is included.

The second gaming app you can think of using is Mistplay. This is an android based free games app that you can download from google play and it comes with a variety of game modes to play in.

Apart from playing games, you can also earn from watching videos.

The third example is HQ Trivia. This is a very popular live game show app that gives you the opportunity to win real cash prizes for free.

25. Panel App

With the Panel app, you can earn gift cards for completing surveys and other tasks.

This app is available in the Google Play store and on iOS devices.

You’ll have to sign up with your email address and demographic information (age, gender).

You will be able to select what type of surveys or offers you want to be sent to your inbox from there as well!

You earn points by taking location-based online surveys and sharing your location.

With your points, you can redeem great prizes, rewards, sweepstakes, and gift cards from your favorite brands including Amazon and Starbucks.

Amazon Gift Card FAQs

There are many questions people ask about Amazon gift cards. And it is only important that I shed a bit of information about some of those questions.

Maybe one of these could be your question if you have a gift card for Amazon or intend to get one.

Can you really win an Amazon gift card?

There are a variety of ways to get a gift card on the internet from grocery stores to brands that include Amazon.

You can win gift cards from playing video games on gaming sites.

Another popular way is to provide answers to online surveys from survey sites like Survey Junkie.

If you have no interest in giving your opinions on survey sites, you can also win gift cards by providing referrals to some of these sites.

Another way is to opt for money-making apps that include cashback apps like Receipt Hog that rewards you just for taking pictures of your receipts for retail stores.

Can I earn money from Amazon?

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, there are several ways to earn some cash and beef up your bank account on this highly visited site.

The Amazon site is a major eCommerce marketplace where users like you can register an account and find ways to earn a side income.

But it’s also a site where some people have tapped into its potential and made some substantial amounts of money.

One way to earn is by using Amazon Dropshipping. This is a way of retail fulfillment without keeping the products you sell in stock.

You can start this business with almost zero investment.

You can also earn by other ways like Amazon Flex, Amazon handmade, and Work from home/virtual location.

How can I get free gift cards without surveys?

It is possible to get a free gift card without engaging yourself in online surveys.

While you may avoid survey sites, it is also possible to find a survey site that rewards you for doing different things on their site other than online surveys. One such survey site is Swagbucks.

There are apps that will pay you for things you normally do in your life.

Some apps can pay you for just watching movie trailers or some other videos. One such app is AppTrailers.

Some other sites will reward you for playing games or for surfing the internet through a search engine.

Some other sites and applications like Receipt Hog, Ibbota, and several others will reward users for their shopping.

So if you’re a side hustles person, you can still make money in other ways instead of doing surveys for amazon credit.


There are so many ways to make money online, but one of the easiest is through surveys.

You can earn cash or gift cards from various brands by completing market research and opinion polls.

If you’re in love with Amazon, there are several websites and apps that give you the option to get an Amazon gift card for a survey done online.

Check out this list of sites above and see which ones might work best for you!

Have fun earning your favorite items!

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