5 Must-Know Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your GameFly Subscription

Did you know GameFly has over 9 million subscribers? They’re loving the game rental service. This service changes how gamers get their hands on favorite video games without big costs. But, the long wait for certain games can be frustrating for some users.

For those wanting to cut down the wait and enjoy GameFly more, we have good news. We’ve put together five key tips. These will help you get the most out of your GameFly experience.

How to Maximize Game Availability

Joining GameFly means you can play games you’re eager to try. You can make sure to play the games you want by following a few steps.

Add Games to Your Queue Early

Adding games you like to your list early is a good idea. When new or popular games come out, being early means you get them first.

Keep Games for Longer Periods

If there’s a game you’re really into, don’t rush to send it back. Keeping it longer means you might get your next favorite game before you return it.

Have a Smaller Queue

It might seem smart to pile up your game list with everything you’d like to play. But, a shorter list might help GameFly send you the top games faster.

Think about when games you want to play are coming out. Adjust your list to get the best games as they’re ready. This way, you’ll get the most from your GameFly subscription.

Balancing New Releases and Older Games

new game releases

GameFly may not give you brand new games right away. But, it’s great for exploring lots of older games. Older game titles are more available than new ones because they’re in less demand.

Playing older games first can help you enjoy GameFly more. You get a big variety of games to try. This way, you can finish many games every month. It makes your gaming moments fun and varied.

Sticking to both new and older games is a smart move. It lets you catch up on games you missed. Plus, you can find new favorites that you didn’t know about. This mix makes your GameFly time valuable and exciting.

Strategies for Queue Management

Keeping your GameFly queue in check makes gaming smoother. These methods help you tweak your game queue. They let you grow your gaming library to suit your tastes.

1. Prioritize Games You’re Ready to Play

Put only games you’re ready to play now in your game queue. This ups your odds of getting the games you’re excited about quickly. Don’t add games you just want to play someday. It avoids delays.

2. Time Your Returns

Timing your game returns is crucial. Aim to send one back just as the next in line becomes available. This keeps your gaming fun coming without breaks.

3. Consider Game Availability

Think about when games in your queue will be available. For new, big games, have them near the top of your list. This boosts your chances of getting them early. Mix new games with older ones to enjoy a variety.

Using these tips, you can really amp up your GameFly experience. Enjoy a steady flow of games you’re eager to play.

The Benefits of Gamefly’s Membership Plans

gamefly membership

GameFly gives you lots of ways to rent games. They’ll send them to your house, so you don’t need to buy them. No matter how often you play or how much you love games, GameFly has a plan for you.

Choosing the Right Plan

At GameFly, you pick from different plans based on how many games you play at once. Think about how many games you like to have. If you like trying out lots of games at the same time, there’s a plan that lets you keep more.

But if you’d rather focus on one game till you finish it, there’s a plan for that too. You get to enjoy every part of the game without any pressure to move on quickly to the next one.

Game Streaming Service

GameFly Streaming is like Netflix but for games, and you don’t need discs or lots of downloads. It lets you play some games straight away on devices that can connect. This means more games to play without worrying about space or time.

This service offers smooth gameplay and great graphics anywhere you are. Get ready for all types of games with just a simple click.

When you think about joining GameFly, look at all the plans they offer. Consider how many games you like to have and if you want to try streaming. This helps make sure you choose the best plan for you and enjoy GameFly to the fullest.

Getting the Most out of Gamefly’s Game Buy Option

When gaming, owning your favorite titles is unbeatable. Gamefly not only rents games but also sells them. This lets you buy the games you love at a discount, helping you expand your collection inexpensively.

There are perks to buying used games at Gamefly. You save money right away. Buying pre-owned means you pay less but still get to enjoy great games. It’s a win-win for smart budget gamers or those wanting to grow their library.

Finding games you love is easier with Gamefly’s diverse library. They have games from all platforms and genres. So, whether you love action or RPGs, there’s something for you.

Why choose Gamefly’s game buy option?

Gamefly ensures their used games work well. Each game is checked and refurbished, guaranteeing quality.

There’s also an eco-friendly side to buying from Gamefly. Buying pre-owned games supports the reuse of resources. It reduces the need for new games, making it a green option for gamers who care about the planet.

Ready to add to your game collection? Check out Gamefly’s website for used games. Their buy option offers big savings. It’s a great deal for anyone who loves gaming, be it casually or passionately.

Dealing with Potential Delays and Issues

GameFly works hard to be quick and reliable with its game deliveries. Yet, sometimes, delays happen. We’re doing everything we can to make your gaming experience as smooth as possible.

Need help with your GameFly subscription? Our customer service team is ready to help. They can answer questions, deal with shipping issues, and more. We’re here to give you the support you need.

Our team knows a lot about what we offer. They can update you on your games’ shipping, help with problems, and answer your questions. You can get in touch with us by phone, email, or live chat any time.

We care about making you happy with GameFly. If there are any delays or problems with your subscription, we thank you for your understanding. Working together, we’ll make sure you enjoy your time with us.

Gamefly for Game Rentals vs. Game Purchases

GameFly is a top game rental service. But, it might not suit those who like to own their games. This decision depends on what you look for in gaming.

Think about how you play games and how often you do. If trying many games is your thing, GameFly could be perfect. It offers a huge game library for a low cost.

If building your game collection is more appealing, buying games is the way to go. You get to keep your favorites and play without any time limits.

Deciding between renting and buying games is all about your personal choices and what fits your life and budget. Trying GameFly can help see if it fits your gaming style and needs.

Choose what makes gaming enjoyable for you, whether renting from GameFly or owning games. The goal is to have fun and explore the thrilling world of games. Enjoy your gaming journey. The choice is yours.


GameFly, a well-known game rental service, lets you try many games without buying them. By using some clever tips, you can have fun with lots of games through GameFly and save money.

To keep a fresh list of games to play, balance the new ones with the old ones. Use GameFly’s plans and queue management well. This will improve your game-time.

With GameFly, you can get your favorite games at a lower cost. Their buy option helps you grow your game collection affordably. And if you face any problems, their customer service is there to help.

For gamers who want to explore many games, GameFly is a great choice. Its service offers great benefits. So, dive in and enjoy playing more games without spending too much!


How can I improve the GameFly experience and shorten the wait time for games?

To get the games you want sooner, add them to your list early on. Start with a short list and keep games longer. Timing matters too; grab games when they’re available.

Is GameFly a good option for playing brand new games immediately?

GameFly isn’t the best for the newest games right when they come out. It shines for catching up on older games. You can finish several older games in a month.

How should I manage my game queue to optimize my GameFly experience?

Only put games you’re ready to play now in your queue. Leave out ones for later. Also, plan your returns so your next game is ready when you send one back.

Which GameFly membership plan should I choose?

Your best plan depends on your gaming style and how fast you play through games. GameFly has many plans to pick from, with different game shipping amounts.

Does GameFly offer an option to buy games?

GameFly does let you buy games at a lower price. This gives you the chance to own games you love affordably.

What should I do if I experience delays in shipping or have any issues with my GameFly service?

GameFly aims for quick and reliable delivery. But if shipping is slow or you have issues, contact their customer support. They can help sort out any problems.

Is GameFly a better option for renting games or for purchasing them?

If you like trying many games without buying them all, GameFly is a great choice. Yet, if having games in your collection is key, consider buying. Think about how often you play and what you enjoy more.

How can I make the most out of my GameFly subscription?

Use these strategies: keep your game list in check, time your game returns, and explore the various membership and buying options. This way, you’ll get more value from GameFly and play more games for less.