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How to get paid to advertise on your car (4 trustworthy companies to join)

Last Updated on October 30, 2021

Have you been looking for a way to make money on the side? Have you ever thought about advertising on your car and making some extra cash?

You can get paid to advertise on your car.

You might be surprised to learn that there are legitimate companies out there willing to pay people like you!

If you have a car, you might be wondering how to put ads on your car. There are many ways to do this – some of them legal and some of them not so much!

However, if you want to get paid for advertising on your car in a legitimate way, there are companies that will allow you to do just that.

This blog post will discuss legit companies that pay car owners to advertise on their cars. We will share information about the different opportunities available as well as tips for doing it safely and successfully.

But first, let’s talk about car wrap advertising.

What is car wrap advertising and how does it work?

One form of automotive advertising is car wrap advertising where a company pays you to cover your vehicle in vinyl wrapping as an advertisement.

Depending on the company that one’s car will advertise for, there are a number of ways in which companies put ads on cars.

Car wrap advertising creates an eye-catching advertisement that really stands out from other vehicles and helps people remember ad campaigns – all without any permanent damage or ugly bumper stickers cluttering up your ride!

Companies that want to advertise can go through car advertising companies to find drivers willing to put up ads on their cars.

If you’re interested in getting your car wrapped, you need to sign up with one of these advertising agencies.

The driver will have to sign a contract with the car advertising company for legally putting up their advertisements on your car.

The advertisement should be in places where it can be seen by other drivers and oftentimes, are placed prominently on the back of cars or sometimes even the front end!

These companies give you rates based on how much space they want to fill.

For example, if one side of a mini-van is filled – that’s going to cost less than filling both sides or covering from top to bottom all over the vehicle!

How much can you get paid to advertise on your car?

The rates that you can get paid to advertise on your car depend largely on the size of the advertisement space.

For example, if one side of a mini-van is filled – that’s going to cost less than filling both sides or covering from top to bottom all over the vehicle!

It also varies based on location and placement for where it will be seen by other drivers. If placed prominently on a back window or front end, then that means more people are likely to see it.

The most important factor in determining rate though is how much time they want their advertisements to be shown.

When it comes down to the time allotted for your advertisement, most companies will offer you a daily rate or monthly rate with varying rates based on how much they want their ads seen and for how long.

Ultimately though, all of these factors can differ from company to company so it’s important that you do some research before committing to anything!

Generally, car wrap advertising can earn you up to $400 per month.

Car wrap advertising scams

You have to steer away from car wrap scams as they are also in the car advertising industry.

Companies that are legitimate will be upfront about the process and you should never feel pressured into anything or sign a contract on the spot unless it’s with an established company.

Oftentimes, legitimate car advertising companies will not charge you any application fee or some annual fees. A car advertising company should also take care of the cost of car wraps.

And when researching car advertising companies, you’ll want to look for ones that maintain an application process and prequalify your car.

These few points will help you avoid a car wrap scam.

Get paid to advertise on your car by these 4 trustworthy Companies

advertising on cars

1. Carvertise

Carvertise, a Delaware-based advertising company, appeals to people looking for an easy way to make money. The company does not charge drivers to advertise on their cars.

Instead, the driver earns a percentage of revenue from each advertisement that is displayed on his or her car.

The rates depend on how much space you’re willing to fill with advertising and for how long. The more space you offer your advertiser, the more money they will give you in return.

There are many types of advertisements available through Carvertise including digital signs, magnetic spots, stickers, banners, and window clings among others!

Carvertise also offers competitive prices which make it an attractive option for those who want to get paid by putting ads on their car while driving around town!

Here is how it works

Cavertise is a unique website that pays people to advertise on their cars. You start by filling out your name, email, and phone number on their site’s online application form.

The website will then ask you some simple questions about your car, your driving routine, and if you are a rideshare driver.

They would also want to know the average miles you drive each week.

Carvertise will then match you to a brand that likes your driving habits. They will arrange to wrap your car and then pay you every month through direct deposit.

At the end of the campaign, the ad will be removed from your car.

The wraps are made for cars and are paint safe. So there will be no damage caused to your car paint as long as your vehicle has never been repainted in the past!

Driving with Carvertise is free and always will be. You will never be asked to pay anything to get started.

They take care of all the upfront costs for you, including the costs of car wrap companies without asking you for payment in return.

You can choose the brand that advertises on your car. Remember, advertisers usually choose which areas to advertise in, so you may only have a few brands available for you to pick from depending on where you live.

Carvertise partners with qualified wrap shops across the country.

They will find the closest one to you once your application for a campaign has been accepted. These car wrapping companies are vetted, reviewed, and always professional.

How much money will I make?

On average, most of the campaigns start at $100/month and you can earn up to $300/month by driving with Carvetise.

And you’re always in control of deciding whether or not to participate in a particular advertising campaign.

Carvertise offers monthly payments through direct deposit. In order to verify that those who advertise on your car are getting exposure, Carvertise offers drivers a simple little app for tracking their mileage.

Continue reading below to find more car advertising opportunities that you can consider aside from Carvetise.

2. Wrapify

legitimate car wrap advertising

Wrapify operates by connecting advertisers with vehicles that are willing to put a larger advertisement.

Founded in 2015, Wrapify has partnered with different brands such as Nissan and Coca-Cola who want to place new billboards on various automobiles.

An advertiser chooses the location of their billboard, and Wrapify handles the rest! They’ll find a car owner in close proximity to that location who is willing to put up an advertisement.

Wrapify will then provide advertising materials such as banners, stickers for windows, or bumper stickers (depending on what package you choose).

The average size of a sticker is about two feet by six inches and can be placed anywhere inside your car with no residue left behind.

Here is how it works.

Download the Wrapify app on your iOS or Android phone and sign up to become a driver.

Drive on your normal commute to start qualifying for campaigns and receiving offers.

You are bound to come across a campaign that makes sense for you in the app, sign up, and get paid for advertising on your car.

When you agree to the conditions and submit a basic background check, you will be able to pick an install shop location and appointment.

Drop off your car for the installation of the wrap that is going to make you extra money on your commute!

How much money can you make?

advertisement on car

The average Wrapify driver makes $60/week with car ad placements and most people who sign up to drive for the service report being happy with their decision.

You are also in charge of your own schedule (you can work as much or as little as you want!)

When you are in an active campaign, advertisers may set a campaign zone with which you must comply.

Campaign zones typically surround your advertiser’s target town or city—typically within 50 miles of the desired location.

Compensation is based on the miles driven in a campaign zone. Miles are worth different values depending on if it’s daytime or night, and if there are many people on the roads.

The estimated amounts of money you can earn depending on the extent of your ad coverage on your car are as follows:

$181-280 per month for lite coverage.

$196-280 per month for partial coverage.

$264-452 per month for full coverage.

You can drive as much or as little as you want with Wrapify. However, only 25-35 miles of your daily commute will be compensated by the company.

Drivers receive a weekly paycheck via direct deposit to their bank account.

Who is eligible for Wrapify?

In order to get paid for advertising on your vehicle, you need to pass a basic background check and drive a 2010 or newer; Coupe, Sedan, SUV, pick-up truck, minivan without significant body/paint damage.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Wrapify is only able to wrap personally owned vehicles, registered under the individual’s name.

No charges come with being a Wrapify wrapped driver. Vehicle wrap material is paid for by Wrapify, as well as labor costs to apply and remove the advertisement.

However, you are required to clean your car the night before a wrap installation appointment.

3. StickerRide

advertisement stickers for cars

StickerRide is an advertising European company that connects brands with drivers to deliver advertising solutions.

Brands, agencies, and retailers use StickerRide to distribute their marketing messages through the power of mobile advertising.

This company was founded in 2012 by a team of creative professionals who were frustrated with traditional forms of outdoor media that weren’t targeted or engaging enough for today’s savvy consumer.

StickerRide is a great opportunity for those who are looking to make some more money on the side while they’re driving.

Stickers can be placed anywhere on any car – they’re weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about damaging your vehicle while driving it around town!

Here is how it works

Download the free StickerRide app for iOS or Android. Registration is completely safe and data will be kept confidential.

You can pre-calculate your estimated earnings level before the registration process begins. Many factors go into this estimate, including car type, location, and average daily driven miles.

You can choose from a variety of campaigns that fit your needs or your brand, preferences, and earnings expectations.

Choose the type of stickers

Nowadays, you can get paid to advertise on your car. Depending on what the advertiser is looking for, you may want to install stickers on different parts of your car: hood, sides, rear window – or all together!

It will affect how much they pay you. Of course, more stickers translates to more pay.

If your application meets all the conditions for the campaign then it’s time to brand your car.

StickerRide offers a professional installation of stickers on your car. These are high-quality stickers made from premium materials that will not damage the paint on your car.

Of course, different car advertising companies have different conditions for wrapping ads on your car.

However, non-factory touch-up jobs are more likely to show damage from stickers. So you would do well to alert the installer if you had corrected body damage on your car.

The installer will also verify ownership of the car before they begin the installation.

The StickerRide application will track your miles tallied by each mile you drive and then add points to your account for every mile driven.

By taking part in quests and flashmobs, drivers can increase earnings. With StickerRide, each trip is a chance to earn money.

You must always remember to launch the app each time before you start driving!

How much money can you make with StickerRide?

StickerRide company pays drivers on a point system. The mobile app calculates the mileage, time, and city zones of each trip to come up with your earnings.

Each point earned is equal to 1 mile in the StickerRide app multiplied by your tariff. Each campaign has its own tariff. And the tariff you get is dependent on these four parameters;

  • The type of stickers you have chosen
  • Your type of car
  • Time zones and
  • Your geography or driving location

How much you earn has a range depending on the campaign’s rules, but their app will give you an estimated amount of money before signing up.

4. Nickelytics

get paid to wrap your car

Nickelytics is a company that pays you to put ads on your car. You can use the money from Nickelytics for anything, including paying off debt or putting it in savings.

All of the companies that pay people to advertise their products are legitimate and offer easy flexible options.

To register and get paid to advertise as a driver with Nickelytic, you simply need to fill out a form and provide your name, email address, phone number, driver’s license information, social security number, and credit card.

Nickelytic has many different advertising options that are flexible enough for anything such as renting cars with company logos on them for events, leasing vehicles for targeted marketing campaigns at specific locations near universities or colleges campus’ and parking lots, etc.

Nickelytics is simply a way to make more money from your gig-economy driving shifts.

This new app that pays you for your car’s advertising space lets you start making money with every mile you drive. So you can make more income doing what you’re already doing – driving.

Here is how it works

Download the Nickelytics app on your smartphone to join. Provide a little info about yourself, your vehicle, and driving habits for verification purposes in order to get started.

When you download and install the app on your phone, it will ask for GPS access. This will allow Nickelytics to find patterns in how you are driving which will help determine whether or not a company would be interested in advertising with you.

When you are approved for a campaign, the ad decal will then be applied on your car.

Nickelytics vehicle wraps come in custom install and self-install options. For every mile you drive, you’ll earn extra income if your car is wrapped with one of Nickelytics brand partners’ ads.

How much can you make with Nickelytics?

The exact amount you earn from advertising on your car varies depending on the type of advertisement and length of the campaign.

The average income Nickelytics drivers bring in is between $175 and $250, but some campaigns allow for a higher earning potential.

Requirements to drive for Nickelytics

You must be at least 18 years old, own or have access to a 2010 model year or newer vehicle, and have a current driver’s license with a clean driving record and car insurance to get paid for advertising on your car.

The guys at Nickelytics have chosen rideshare companies like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, or Doordash as their preference.

They also prefer high-mileage drivers with a track record of driving over 900 miles per month in the city.

Car wrapping

When you are enlisted for an ad campaign through the app, Nickelytics will schedule a time for installation with a legitimate car wrapping company within 5-7 business days.

You’ll be provided the name and address of the car wrapping vendor to go to. The process of car wrapping may take 3-4 hours before your car is ready to go.


As you can see, car wrap advertising is the perfect way to earn money for incidentals without risking anything upfront.

With the four options for car advertising companies in this blog post, you can make money while driving to and from your daily errands.

You don’t have to spend any upfront costs on a contract or anything like that either – the company takes care of all those details.

And it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you drive because there are plenty of styles available for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and more!

Most importantly though is that with these types of car wrap ads you get paid every month without having to do much work at all.

All you need to do is drive as usual but now when people see your ride they’ll think about whatever business-sponsored it.

Don’t waste a second more; get started today!

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