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Do you know what?

You have made a choice to read this. We make choices daily. Sometimes even without thinking that you are making a choice. And the sum total of who we are is largely influenced by the choices we have made in life.

The problem?

A number of times we regret the choices we have made. You are disappointed for having insured your Ford Fusion with insurance company A instead of their competitor. You kick yourself for hosting your blog with a web host whom you could not have chosen had you been better informed.

And the solution?

This blog of course! We lay bare products and services to help you choose what is best for you. Because seriously, choice is potent! And you must choose the best.

If you are starting a blog today, why would you choose to host it with Bluehost instead of A2 Hosting? What email marketing software would you pick from Getresponse, Mailerlite, Aweber and the whole array of the software on the market? If you want to make money online doing paid surveys, which ones would you pick?

What are the best actionable options to make a side income as a college student or a stay at home mom? Which affiliate program will suit you best?

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