How to Make Money on YouTube Even if You are a Newbie

How to Make Money on YouTube|5 Easy Ways For Newbies

Last Updated on May 12, 2022

Can anyone learn how to make money on YouTube?

Most probably, yes!

How much do YouTubers make per view?

Those are some of the questions people are asking about YouTube. If those are your questions as well, this article is meant for you. It gives you a breakdown of simple things you can do to start making money with your YouTube channel.

The point of the matter is that no one was born a guru. Everybody starts from a point and then moves forward. So newbies need not be intimidated by those that have graduated themselves to the status of gurus. All that is required is;

  • Hard work
  • Determination
  • Creativity
  • belief in yourself

and the avenues are wide open for everyone to learn how to get paid on YouTube.

YouTube is an exceptional platform. It allows creators from all over the world to create videos and share on the platform. The options to the videos you can create are almost limitless. So roll up your sleeves and get ready.

Learn To Make Money From Your YouTube Videos.


    1. If You can Knockout the Intimidating Bully Then ………..
    2.  Register Your YouTube Channel. It’s Free!
    3. Where the Heck are the Spectators?
    4. Five YouTube monetization methods You can Use.
    5. How much does a YouTuber Make?

Alright then. Let’s start off.

1. If You can Knockout the Intimidating Bully Then………..

Yeah. That’s true. Only and only if you can knock out the intimidating bully. Then you can learn how to make money on YouTube.

But how much can you make on YouTube? Well let’s leave that to the end. For now, let’s sort out first things first.

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”  Mark Twain

When it comes to having a presence on YouTube as a creator, the most intimidating thing to most people is creating videos.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

That is why we need to eat this frog first. Once that is done, nothing else is likely to stand in our way.

Question is why is this intimidating? Well, most people initially have a fear of being on camera. Well, that’s alright. With two, three or more videos, that fear keeps on waning away. But who said you always need to be on camera for you to produce a video for YouTube? I’m sure you have seen some videos on YouTube that do not necessarily include the producer being in the footage. And you may be wondering how do people make money on YouTube with such videos?

Today there are so many ways in which you can produce videos for YouTube. You can easily do so without spending money on sophisticated cameras and microphones.

how do people get paid on youtube
No need for sophisticated gear

So in your quest to earn money from your YouTube videos,  you need to be aware of various ways you can produce videos to upload to YouTube. Let’s explore one way together.

Creative Commons Videos

In simplest terms, creative commons license content is the kind of content that you can copy, reuse as it is or modify to create something else without being penalized. Here is a short video explaining creative commons.

So the short of things is, you can get creative commons videos, remix or edit them and post them as your own videos. Many times when you are just starting you may not have the capacity to produce your own videos. This is a great way to start and the issue of making money on YouTube will be half solved.

When I first learnt about this, guess what my immediate question was.

But where do I get these creative commons videos from?

If that is your question too, I will show you exactly where to get these videos from and then I will point you to video editors you can use to modify the videos according to what you want to communicate.

Just like for images, there are various sites where you can get creative commons videos. We can mention sites like Pexels, Vimeo, Flickr, SpinXpress and so on and so forth. But since we are talking about making money on YouTube, why go far when we can get the videos we want from YouTube itself.

Let’s do this. First, go to YouTube.

In the search window, search for your area of interest where you want to create videos. An example would be “Fitness.”

So first type “fitness” or whatever you are searching for in the search field. After you get your results you then click filter.

make money on YouTube

When you click filter you get this window shown below. And then click “Creative Commons”

how to earn money from youtube without adsense

When you filter by “creative commons,” all the videos in this category will now be available for you to use. You can now choose a video of your liking. When you choose a particular video you can go ahead to confirm if it is indeed a creative commons video by clicking “SHOW MORE” at the bottom of the video as highlighted in the image below.

how to make money on YouTube views

You can then scroll down and you can confirm that the video is a creative commons video as shown in the image below.

YouTube channel ideas to make money

So when you ask how much money does YouTube pay, I can tell you that some people have made a killing using creative commons videos without making any video by themselves. The intimidating bully is now staggering and our path to earning money on YouTube is getting clearer.

Now that we have the creative commons video or videos in our hand we need to unleash a killer punch. And that is a software to edit the videos and compile our own.

Video Editing Software

Again such software is in plentiful supply on the market. From free to paid ones. From easy to use to difficult ones. Of course, that is dependent on your video editing skills. But don’t be intimidated. Remember, we are showing you how to make money on YouTube even if you’re a newbie.

Let me share with you three programs for video creation and editing. Two of them are free. The third one I will give you is a paid software but very superb especially that it takes care of those creating videos for the first time and also the experienced users.


Shotcut is a versatile FREE video editor. You can get it from this link

So you can download the program and use it on your computer. As can be noticed from the menu, the software has a horde of tutorials to teach you how to use it. Just go to the tutorials and you will find step by step ways of getting the most out of the software.

One other cool thing about Shotcut is that it provides resources as you can see from the menu. Under this tab you find an immense lot of resources at your disposal. This includes sources for creative commons media which you can employ to make videos for your use.

So go ahead and get Shotcut. It is free and it is superb for video editing and surely, earning from YouTube will become a breeze.

DaVinci Resolve 16

The next FREE software you can use for video editing is called Davinci Resolve 16. It is a great video editing software as well.

You will notice that DaVinci Resolve has a lot of tutorials under the training tab in the menu. So really, one just need to find time and determination to learn how to use the software. After clicking the download button, you will be greeted with two options.

One option is to download the FREE version of the software while the other option is to download the PAID version of the software. Let me assure you that the free version may be more than what you need.

Time to check the last one.


This is the paid video editor I mentioned earlier on. Now, before you run away, listen carefully. It is a superb platform for both beginners and versatile video editors. It is one of the easiest platforms to use. It drastically cuts down the learning curve to video editing and produces awesome videos in minutes.

All you have to do is upload your video script. The program will then decipher your script and create scenes automatically in relation to your script.

You can then go through the produced video and if you wish you can change any scene from a selection of a huge database of video clips and images.

Now Content Samurai offers a 7 days free trial. The application is fully functional for the whole week of the trial, and you get to keep all the videos you create during that time. You can get your 7 DAYS FULL FREE TRIAL HERE.

Well, well. I think we now have knocked down the intimidating bully that hinders from experiencing the thrill of making money from your YouTube account. Let’s move on, shall we?

2. Register Your YouTube Channel. It’s Free

Now that we know how we can create videos, we can confidently go to register our YouTube channel. It’s absolutely FREE.

YouTube is owned by Google.

To register a YouTube channel, you ought to have a google account.

Go to YouTube. Click the “Sign in” button at the top right corner or bottom left corner.

If you already have a Google account and already logged in, you will see your avatar instead in the top right corner.

However, for the sake of those that may not have an account, let’s follow along before we come to that stage.

After clicking the “Sign in” button, you are taken to this window. In case you have an account and was not signed in just go ahead and sign in. If you have no account, click the “Create account” option.

You then get to this window.

how do people make money on youtube

You now choose either “For myself” or “To manage my business”

Whatever option you choose, you get to this window.

If you have no Gmail account, create one here or sign in instead if you already have an account.

You then click on the icon in the top right corner after signing in.

how to make money on youtube as a newbie

In the window that pops up, select “settings”

highest paid youtubers

After that choose “create new channel”

how to get paid for blogging

The following window will then come up. The system may automatically fill up your name in the form. Before you create the channel, take time to go through the terms of service.

youtube monetization rates

That was pretty easy. Let’s move on to other staff and really discover other methods to make money on YouTube.

3. Where the Heck are the Spectators?

A powerful video with no viewers is frustrating to the creator.

Statistics available in public domain indicate that about 5 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube.

With such gigantic numbers, one would wonder how your video will get noticed by the more than 1.3 billion people who use YouTube.

In case you may not know, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

How then does your video get noticed and attract viewers? Here are a few things you can do.

#1 Content Makes Highest Paid YouTubers

Content is king as usual. You can employ all the tactics in the world to drive traffic to your channel. But if your content is not appealing to your audience, those viewers will quickly move on to somewhere else.

Whatever your niche, strive to provide high-value content that will appeal to your audience.

Photo by from Pexels

Your aim is to provide engaging content. And you will see more and more viewers being attracted to your channel. Surely, how much does YouTube pay largely depends on the number of viewers you get on your channel.

#2 Metadata

Metadata is descriptive information about your video. It covers things like titles, video descriptions, and video tags.

Your video title is critical. It should be able to suck in viewers. However, the content of your video must adequately answer the claim of your title. Otherwise you quickly lose viewers.

Google and YouTube search algorithms will be assisted to determine the content of your video by the metadata you provide. This is partly YouTube SEO. It is just like you are trying to rank an article on Google.

You can check out Finally Exposed: 7 Secrets On How To Rank Higher On Google for similarities. You, therefore, need to optimize your metadata. This helps in a way. But the major issue is the content you are providing. Your video content is the connecting bridge to how much money do YouTubers get paid.

#3 Thumbnails

Apart from your title, a thumbnail is also the first thing your would-be viewers see. It must simply but forcefully appeal to your viewer. Most popular channels make their titles and thumbnails catchy. First impressions make a huge difference. And a great thumbnail somehow speaks to how much do you get paid on YouTube.

When you upload a video, YouTube automatically brings out Three thumbnails to choose from. You can either pick from these three options or you can make your own custom thumbnail.

Most popular channels are today creating thumbnails from Canva free of charge. The thumbnail above was created from Canva. If you have not yet signed up with Canva you can do so on this link.

#4 Install Tubebuddy

There are a lot of tools out there that will assist you to uplift your YouTube account presence. Tools that will assist you to increase your YouTube pay scale.

Tubebuddy is one such tool. It will help you to grow your YouTube channel. It is crafted specifically to take care of some tasks that are associated with running a YouTube channel.

4. Five YouTube Monetization Methods You Can Use

There is a saying that “money is not everything in life.” While that is true, money is a medium that assists in accessing our day to day needs in life. Some people may be content with little money. Others may not. It all depends on your orientation. When it comes to making money on YouTube, the question on many people’s lips is, how do you get paid on YouTube?

Now, YouTube is big. And it continues growing. You can, therefore, make a lot of money on YouTube.

It therefore calls for your creativity. With so many niches, there are so many ways that one can monetize YouTube.

So really, the issue of how much do you make on YouTube is largely dependent on you. Just analyze your niche and the angles you can use to make money from your channel.

Here are five ways you can monetize your channel.

#1  Good old Adsense

Join the YouTube partner program and start monetizing your videos. How much do YouTube partners make depends on the number of views your video gets and of course your niche. 50,000 views in the make money niche will not make you the same amount of money in another niche.

To set up adsense on your channel, you need to achieve a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within 12 months of your channel setup. Once you achieve that, you can apply for an Adsense account and Google will start showing YouTube ads on your channel.

With engaging content and consistency, it is easy to achieve the needed requirement and start making money from YouTube ads.

#2  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular ways of how people make money on YouTube. Your favorite vlogger will talk about products and services and normally promises you that they will leave a link in the description. Most of the times these links are affiliate links.

Form the image above, you would see that the owner of the channel has some affiliate links posted in the description area. Many YouTube channels use this method as a way of making money on YouTube. Depending on the niche, this is a good method if you have at least more than 1,000 subscribers.

#3  Sell Merchandise

This is good especially when your channel becomes well established with your viewers. With that, a possibility arises to sell branded merchandise to your viewers. Common merchandise people promote are things like branded Tshirts, mugs and bags. There is no need for you to start struggling with inventory. Many drop-shippers exist whose business model you can leverage. An example would be

#4  How do you get paid off YouTube Sponsorship?

YouTube sponsorship is another way you can use to make money on YouTube. How much you make with this method just like any other method is not cast in concrete. Others may make more and others may make less depending on various variables.

This is a win-win situation with the sponsor. You need to have a good base of at least more than 100,000 subscribers on your channel to attract sponsors. Otherwise, would-be sponsors will not waste their time with you. It is important to have a good base of subscribers that will also benefit your sponsor.

#5  Sell e-books/Digital products

If you have a knack to write, or have the ability to create digital products, YouTube is one way to promote your e-books and digital products.

Many YouTubers today are promoting their e-books on their channels. Similarly, those who are able to create things like apps, or maybe you are a graphic designer, you have the possibility to promote your products on your channel.

This is another great way of making money other than depending on YouTube ads. If you are managing to get more than 50,000 views on your video, imagine how many eyeballs are seeing your digital products.

5. How much do YouTubers Get Paid?

A lot of money. Moderate amount. Very little money. Or maybe nothing at all. YouTube monetization rates depend on the various issues raised above in this article. The critical thing is great content. Provide value in your content. This will attract a lot of viewers. And the more eyes on your videos the more you go laughing to your bank.

Another way to earn from your YouTube account is to use Super Chat. This, together with Super Stickers is a way to interact with your fans through the chat window and actually make money from it. Super Chat was launched in January 2017. It is a way for fans to pay in order to have their comments pinned to the top of a live chat. Payments generated from Super Chat can range from $1 to $500 for each comment.

If you are interested in other ways of making money online you can check out this post 7 websites to make $100 a day in 2019.

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