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76 Money Making Apps – The Ultimate List

Last Updated on March 23, 2023

Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no cost to you.

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Heck. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

The appearance of smartphones on the world market marked an indelible cusp in human history that would remarkably change the way phones would impact our lives for a long time to come.

Smartphones revolutionized the app industry.

And almost all our areas of lives have been harnessed and packed in little apps that sit on our smartphones. To improve the way we communicate and network with anybody across the globe, to improve our productivity, and to improve and simplify our daily tasks.

As the apps help us in our daily lives, some actually even pay you money whilst helping you.

Incredible. Isn’t it?

This post is a collection of carefully selected money making apps.

Apps that will pay you for the things you normally do in life.

Not to replace your income. But just to encourage you. Or maybe for research.

And so you get rewarded for things like…

Like watching videos, shopping online, and much more.

You will notice that most of the apps given here do not just do one thing. You can accomplish several tasks with one app. I have tried not to repeat overlapping apps. But you may find a repetition or two. Where it is necessary.

Do not forget also…

That the app industry is volatile.

One app may be doing fine today but become dysfunctional tomorrow. If you find one non-functional app on this list, just drop a line in the comments so that we can build this list together.

Under each heading, four apps are listed. This does not mean they are the only ones under there. There could be more but I have just picked the most relevant four and so that you can easily select the one you want to use.


Let’s get started…

1.  Apps that pay you to answer questions

(i) Just Answer: You earn money answering questions from users of this platform. You must be an expert in any of the fields where questions are asked. These include law, pediatrics, tech support, automotive and many more. Android | iOS

(ii) 6ya: Make extra money helping people over the phone. On average the call may last up to 5 minutes. There are more than 600 categories where you can offer your expertise. Android | iOS

(iii) 1Q: With this app, you get paid or a charity of your choice an instant $.25 every time you answer a simple question. The payment instantly goes to your PayPal account. Android | iOS

(iv) Google Opinion Rewards: Answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credit. The questions are simple and can and can include questions like, ‘which logo is best?’ Android | iOS

2. Apps that pay you to be on your phone

(i) Adme: This is a lock screen rewards app that you can get from Google play. It shows you billboards of trending news, deals, and coupons. Just use your phone normally and you will be eligible to get rewards that can average $10 a month. Android

(ii) SlideJoy: This app rewards you for using their lock screen. They show you the latest trending news and personalized ads on the first screen of your phone. Redeem your rewards for cash via PayPal or gift cards. Android

(iii) ScreenPay: You are paid cash to see deals, tailored content, and ads based on your personal preferences. You start earning rewards immediately and you can withdraw at a minimum of $7. Android

(iv) S’more: Here, you are rewarded in exchange for ads and content placed on your lock screen. Your earned points can be redeemed for gift cards at Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and more. Android

3. Apps that pay you to do nothing

(i) Acorns: It helps you to invest spare change. You can join over 7 million users to start investing your spare change from everyday purchases. You can withdraw your money whenever you need to. Android | iOS

(ii) Paribus: Helps you save money on your online shopping when prices drop at more than 25 major retailers. The app monitors your online shopping, watching price drops to find chances to get your money back. iOS

(iii) Nielsen: The Nielsen panel researches how consumers use the internet and mobile devices by studying the websites and apps they visit. Install it on your device and continue with your normal life and be rewarded. Android | iOS

(iv) MobileXpression: The app tracks your usage of the internet for research purposes. You start earning credits when you become a member. The credits can be redeemed for gift cards. Android | iOS

4. Apps that pay you to do tasks

(i) Roamler: You earn cash in your spare time as a mystery shopper. Tasks given include filling in questionnaires and taking pictures of products. Cashout directly to your bank account or PayPal account. Android | iOS

(ii) Field Agent: Allows you to earn extra money by gathering information, taking photos and sharing your opinions as you shop. It’s a money-making application that pays you real cash. Android | iOS

(iii) StreetSpotr: An innovative app that will make you extra money by doing ‘micro-jobs’ using your smartphone. You can check for micro-jobs in your area and pick them on and start earning money. Android | iOS

(iv) Streetbees: One of the apps for cash that will reward you for sharing moments of your everyday life. What can be shared could be hobbies, the technology you use, and much more. Android | iOS

5. Apps that pay you to deliver

With delivery apps, sign up on their websites to be part of the delivery team. So I give you the signup links.

(i) DoorDash: Deliver restaurant orders in more than 4,000 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Be your own boss and make your own choices of when, where, and how much you earn. Register here.

(ii) UberEats: This is the food delivery service of Uber. You can make cash by delivering food orders to people using the Uber Eats app in your free time. Every day is payday with Uber Eats. Register here.

(iii) Instacart: One of the best money making apps and a North American leader in grocery delivery. It is an easy way to make money quickly on your schedule as you shop and deliver the customer’s order. Register here.

(iv) Saucey: With this app, you get paid to deliver alcoholic drinks to customers. You can use your car, truck or motorcycle for deliveries and you work your own schedule. Register here.

6. Apps that pay you to eat

(i) i-Dine: A premier app that lets you create memories across award-winning restaurants at Intercontinental Doha. You can get as much as 25% off on food and 15% off on beverages. Android | iOS

(ii) Seated: This app pays you for going out to eat. You’ll get up to 30% back on the money you spend at top restaurants and bars. Currently available in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia! Android | iOS

(iii) OpenTable: You can use this application to book and enjoy meals at over 52,000 participating restaurants across the world. You earn points to redeem for dining rewards towards future meals. Android | iOS

(iv) Mogl: You get paid cash to eat and drink. Link your debit or credit card and when you pay at thousands of participating restaurants, you get cashback discreetly. Android | iOS

7. Apps that pay you to get gas

(i) Checkout51: A cashback app where you can get gas rewards as well as giving you cashback on your favorite brands and groceries. You earn up to 25¢/gallon on gas purchases from stations like Shell, Chevron, and more. Android | iOS

(ii) Trunow: The app allows you to view the best gas prices near you. Take a picture of your receipt and you will get cashback on every gas station purchase. You can get cash or use it for any gas station purchase. Android | iOS

(iii) GetUpside: The app helps you find gas prices near you and earn cash back. Save up to 25¢/gal on gas with major gas stations like Shell, BP, Exxon and more. You can cash out via PayPal, check or gift card. Android | iOS

(iv) GasBuddy: The app that helps drivers fuel better. The app will help you find the best gas prices, save up to 25¢/gal, and earn free gas when you shop your favourite brands via GasBuddy. Android | iOS

8. Apps that pay you to not text and drive

(i) On My Way: It is all about saving lives. This app rewards you for driving without texting or using your phone. It is activated automatically when you start driving and you just keep the phone locked to earn rewards. Android | iOS

(ii) Safe 2 Save: This application motivates drivers not to use their phones whilst driving. You are awarded points that you can redeem at your favorite restaurants and businesses. Android | iOS

(iii) Mobilio: Do not use your phone while driving and get rewarded with Mobilio’s digital currency. Get points for driving distraction-free. Android | iOS

(iv) Down For The Count: This app rewards you with gift cards and exclusive coupons for not using your phone while driving. You earn these with 5, 10 or 25 hours of cell phone-free driving. iOS

9. Apps that pay you to play games

(i) HQ-Trivia & Words: Wildly popular live game show app. When you tune into the app, you have the opportunity to answer trivia questions and puzzles and you can win real cash prizes for free. Android | iOS

(ii) Lucky Day: This is a 100% free sweepstakes app. A free mobile gaming app. It allows you to win money and prizes without purchasing anything. It offers free scratcher, lotto and raffle games for a chance to win cash. Android

(iii) VeryDice: A simple and wonderful game. You roll your dice by tapping and holding on the button. Your roll will result in winning tickets that can be redeemed for electronics and other gadgets. Android | iOS

(iv) Coin Pop: A beautiful app that you install and use for free. It gives you a chance to earn real money by playing games on your mobile phone. There are no in-app purchases. Android

10. Apps that pay you to refer friends

(i) Rakuten: This is a very popular app that will bring you benefits in several areas. Get paid $25 for every friend you refer who signs up and shops on Rakuten. Android | iOS

(ii) TopCashback: As the name suggests, it is a renowned cash back app used by millions of people. What is wonderful is that it also pays you when you refer friends to it. Android | iOS

(iii) Shopmium: This is another superb cash back app when you shop at the supermarket. The app pays you for referring friends when their first cash back request is accepted. Android | iOS

(iv) Ibotta : This app makes you get paid whether you shop in-store or online. It is a money making app that makes you earn extra cash when you refer a friend to Ibotta. Android | iOS

11. Apps that pay you to scan barcodes

(i) CheckPoints #1 Rewards: Scan barcodes on products as you are out shopping. You’ll earn points towards great prizes and rewards. Redeem your points for Amazon and Walmart gift cards, American Airlines miles, etc. Android | iOS

(ii) NCP Mobile: An app for National Consumer Panel that lets you earn gift cards and other shopping rewards. You’ll scan the UPC barcodes of your purchased items and earn redeemable points. Android | iOS

(iii) Shping: A shopping app companion that earns you rewards. Scan barcodes and compare pricing from neighbouring stores to earn Shping coins. Redeem coins as cash deposits. Android

(iv) ShopKick: There are six ways to earn rewards and get free gift cards using this app. One of the ways is scanning barcodes. You do not even need to buy the item you have scanned. Android | iOS

12. Apps that pay you to shop

(i) Ibotta: A popular app that makes you earn cashback when you shop in-store or online. You need to check Ibotta before any of your shopping. Ibotta works with brands like Best Buy, Lowe’s, Ebay, and many more. Android | iOS

(ii) Makeena: Get healthy savings. You earn cashback and rewards when you buy healthy and eco-friendly products anywhere you like to shop. It is all about saving the planet. Android | iOS

(iii) BeFrugal: Earn some of the highest cash back of up to 40% at more than 5,000 stores. You also get coupons for many stores like Walmart, Macy’s, Sephora and eBay. Get paid via PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit or Gift Card. Android | iOS

(iv) Drop: Link your credit and debit cards to the app and when you shop with it you receive points back on your purchases. Get rewarded from over 300 brands in categories like electronics, video games, fashion, etc. Android | iOS

13. Apps that pay you to take pictures

(i) EyeEm: If you love taking pictures, download the app and start turning your inspiration into money. You will join one of the largest communities around the world, and earn cash from your pictures. Android | iOS

(ii) Snapwire: Build your own beautiful portfolio and begin to make money by selling your photos. As a photographer, you also get access to paid photo requests and challenges. Android | iOS

(iii) miPic: Get this app to join the revolution and start making extra money from your camera. miPic infuses life into your pictures as custom print lifestyle products sold all over the world. Android | iOS

(iv) Twenty20: Take your mobile photography to another level with this app. You can sell your photos to brands, agencies, and designers and start making extra cash. iOS

14. Apps that pay you to take surveys

(i) Swagbucks: An abundantly popular app that allows you to take surveys on the go and get rewarded. Your opinions on a number of topics like movies, tv shows, and new products are rewarded. Android | iOS

(ii) InboxDollars: Another very popular online surveys app. Companies and brands are in search of your opinions to improve their products and services. InboxDollars provides a platform for your opinions and pays you. Android | iOS

(iii) Survey Junkie: Share valuable insights with large companies on their products and services and get rewarded with points. You can then redeem your points and cash out your rewards via PayPal. Android | iOS

(iv) Surveys On The Go: Sign up and allow notifications and location services. You will be invited to take paid surveys whenever they are available. You earn real cash for your opinions. Android | iOS

15. Apps that pay you to travel

(i) Foap: When you travel and take photos, you can turn those photos into money. You can upload your photo collection and sell it through the Foap market. Easy cashouts are facilitated with PayPal integration. Android | iOS

(ii) Roadie: An easy and flexible way to make extra money in a gig economy. Local gigs pay between $8-$60 and you get more on long haul deliveries. You earn by picking and delivering packages on your way to your destination. Android | iOS

(iii) Triip: This app is dabbed as the only app that pays you to travel. When you just download the app you earn, when you share travel plans you earn, when you refer a friend you earn, and much more. Android | iOS

(iv) Grabr: Grabr is a peer-to-peer marketplace connecting travelers looking to subsidize their trips with shoppers from abroad. You can make between 15-20% of that item’s total worth. Android | iOS

16. Apps that pay you to upload receipts

(i) Receipt Pal: You can turn your shopping receipts into amazing rewards. The application offers valuable gift cards from renowned retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, etc. You also earn chances in sweepstakes. Android | iOS

(ii) Fetch Rewards: Do your grocery shopping anywhere and simply scan your receipt to save on thousands of popular products. You earn points and you save every time you purchase a participating product. Android | iOS

(iii) ShopKick: You get rewarded for the shopping you do. You can earn points by simply walking into stores, scanning items and receipts. You can earn even without buying anything. Android | iOS

(iv) Receipt Hog: Join a community that gets paid by uploading receipts. Take pictures of your receipts from any store and restaurant. The rewards you earn can be cashed out with PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Android | iOS

17. Apps that pay you to walk

(i) LifeCoin: Download this app, start walking and get paid for doing so. The app automatically counts your steps and converts them into LifeCoins redeemable for gift cards, gadgets, and more. Android | iOS

(ii) Runtopia: This is a GPS-based running app. It is also a walking step counter that converts your steps into currency units called SPC coins. Spend the coins on sports gear on the in-app shop. Android | iOS

(iii) StepBet: When you are more active, you can make money using this app. You bet money on yourself in weekly games to walk and meet your target steps. Win and split the game’s pot with other winners. Android | iOS

(iv) PK Rewards: This app rewards you for every workout. When you walk, the app technology measures your effort and you earn points. Redeem the points for gear and gift cards from top brands. Android | iOS

18.   Apps that pay you to watch ads

(i) Swagbucks: This is one of the best apps for making money. You are rewarded for watching video ads in several categories like entertainment, parenting, fashion, sports, home & garden, and many other areas. Android | iOS

(ii) Slidejoy: An award-winning lock screen app that rewards you for using it. They show you the latest trending news and interesting personalized ads on the first screen of your phone. Use your phone as normally as you do. Android

(iii) Inbox Dollars: Here is another popular platform where you get paid to watch video ads. This is another way to earn rewards for taking paid online surveys among other things. It could actually be one of your best ways of making money. Android | iOS

(iv) CreationsRewards: You earn free gift cards using this app. Apart from earning from watching video ads, you can also take online paid surveys, answering trivia questions and more. Android | iOS

19. Apps that pay you to workout

(i) HealthyWage: You make money by ‘betting’ on your own weight loss journey or by participating in one of their weight loss and fitness challenges. As you achieve your weight loss goal, you make money as well. Android | iOS

(ii) SweatCoin: An application that converts your walking and running steps or recommended exercise into currency units called SweatCoins. You can spend what you have gained on goods and services. It’s a great way to get paid for your workout. Android | iOS

(iii) Charity Miles: The money you earn goes to a charity of your choice. You can earn when you walk(even when walking your dog), run or bike. It is a great way to help others as you help yourself. Android | iOS

(iv) Lympo: You can make extra money for walking and running. When each task is completed, you get a reward of what is called LYM coins. These hold real money value and you can exchange them with gift cards and sports goods. Android | iOS

An app that pays you to share content?

Imagine there was an app that would reward you cash via PayPal for sharing content with your social contacts.

Imagine anyone could access such an app, free of charge, and easy of use.

Imagine how many people would go to the share buttons below and press it to gain the reward.

Am I dreaming?

Well, let’s come back to reality. You have seen the apps above. Maybe, you are even already using one or intend to do so. Wouldn’t it be better to share this list of the best money making apps with others?

After all, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

But just the simple motion of clicking the share button.

After all, they say…

‘Sharing is caring.’

So share the post.

Just now.

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