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Odd Jobs Bonanza: 11 Exclusive Sites to Double Your Extra Income

Last Updated on September 6, 2022

Would you be willing to take up odd jobs for an extra income?

I’m not talking about a part time job in Singapore. Neither am I talking about morally bankrupt jobs that could leave a tinge of shame on you.

No. Not at all!

The odd jobs we are talking about are those where it is unimaginable one can earn extra cash from. Some of them are things we cherish to do daily. Some are things we desire to accomplish on a personal level. And some are things we have and yet with no slightest clue that we can make money from them.

But how could that be possible?

The internet has dramatically changed the old-time experience in the job market. Someone does not need the formal 9 to 5 job to earn an income. The informal way has an irresistible call to the freedom to work your own hours, make money and have peace of mind.

Today you can work on basic assignments as a data entry person from the comfort of your home or even as a customer service provider on behalf of major companies. You can equally work on intense assignments like engineering designs from any internet-accessible location.

You can make extra cash by doing stuff you do daily like listening to music, surfing the internet, playing games and watching videos. You can work as a delivery driver at your own time delivering groceries and food from eateries to customers who have ordered online. Also, depending on your skills, you can put them to work on several platforms on the internet and make extra cash. Fiverr and Upwork are two examples of platforms where you can flaunt your skills for a living.

The internet equally provides a platform where odd jobs can be actualized. Even to those outside the United States the opportunities are readily available. Some of the jobs may seem awkward at times but you’ll soon realize that a good number of them are actually to help out people on several fronts of life. This post brings to you a list of carefully picked odd jobs that will pay you extra money.


1. Isn’t it crazy that people can buy friendship-even for 2 hours?

Yeah! Its true people can buy friendship.

But don’t be fooled that people ready to buy friendship are lonely.

No. They are not!

Let me break it down to show you some of the ways how the need to buy friendship arises. Someone may be visiting a new town and would want to be in the company of a local person to show them around the city and also guide them about places to avoid. Someone could be invited to a party at work, or maybe would want to go to the cinema or maybe a restaurant and would like to have some company.

These may be just a few ways where someone may need a friend around to be with.

In such circumstances, one can rent a friend for a specific need like the situations mentioned above. A website called Rentafriend.com provides a platform where people can rent a friend. You can earn money by registering on the website. And people searching for a friend in your local area will find your contact on the website. You can charge from around $10 per hour.

You should note that rentafriend. com is a website strictly for platonic friendship. It is not a dating site or escort agency. So this is your chance to register and provide friendship to those in need and make money out of it.

Would you rather pick on something extraordinary?

2. Now You Can Lose Weight and Make Money Out of it.

How can losing weight be one of the odd jobs? Is this not a personal issue?

Well, obesity is both a personal issue as well as a major public health issue.

Due to proven health conditions associated with overweight, a lot of folks are approaching various methods to get control of this, sometimes cringe-worthy condition. Some turn to fitness training. Some turn to ketogenic meals and others to pills. But due to a wide range of reasons, among which there is a lack of discipline to achieve the goal, a huge number of folks desperately struggle to control their weight.

Here is good news.

While you focus on your goal to lose weight, you can get a double benefit by being paid for achieving your desired weight. Two websites you can use for this are healthywage.com and dietbet.com.

What do they do?

Their main approach here is to put a financial challenge to losing weight. Research by scholars has indicated that financial incentive challenges can help achieve higher results in the quest for weight loss. These challenges can be applied at an individual level or as a team player at group level. A number of people have managed to get extra income whilst achieving the goal of losing weight.

So if you have been planning to work on reducing your weight, you can do so with healthywage.com and dietbet.com. You are poised to have a double benefit.

If these first two odd jobs do not suit your taste, you’ll most likely find your match from the remaining ones.

3. You Can Profit From Your Hair

The hair industry is a huge roaring business. Millions of dollars are being generated by players in this industry. And the good news?

Today you can also participate and take a share of this hair market. But why do people buy hair? Well, there are various reasons. Some buy the hair to use as wigs. Others use the hair for their own hair extensions. The point is the demand for hair is there. And you can sell your hair to make some money on the side.

odd jobs

There are three websites you can consider using. Hairsellon.com, hairwork.com, and buyandsellhair.com.

The process of selling your hair is simple. If for example, you pick on hairsellon.com platform, you need to register for a free account. After which you post an ad following instructions on the website and then wait for customers. You can also make use of their hair calculator tool to determine the value of your hair.

In this image from hairsellon.com you can see the ranges in which human hair is sold. This is one way of making some good side income for yourself. Go to any of the three websites and start selling your hair today.

4. Online Gigs That Pay

There are a lot of side hustles you can do today and make money online. Amazon mechanical turk provides a marketplace where individuals and businesses can recruit a number of people to accomplish their processes and jobs virtually.

The tasks done vary widely. It could be data validation, research or many other tasks that businesses and individuals want to accomplish. Despite the advancement in technology, a number of tasks still exist that require a human touch to be accomplished. Talk about research or content moderation.

As someone in quest of odd jobs, websites like Amazon mechanical turk provide a great opportunity to access such jobs. And the good thing for most of them is that you can work at your own time. You can make a decent extra income with your skills to work on the jobs posted on this marketplace.

The advantage to businesses and individuals who list jobs on such platforms is that they no longer need to recruit a large temporary workforce to accomplish the tasks. All they need is to crowdsource individuals who can work on the tasks virtually at less cost and in record time.

5. Get Involved in Internet Research

Major companies and business houses are conducting research on numerous issues. With the internet, these businesses have the opportunity to get their research done by different researchers located in various places. Conclusively, there is mutual benefit. The company gets its research done and the virtual researchers get paid for their work.

A website called Wonder provides a platform where businesses wanting to conduct research submit their research questions. Wonder then breaks up the research questions into small pieces that can be worked on simultaneously by a number of analysts.

The analysts then go to work on the smaller chunks of the research question. After which they submit and when the information is amalgamated, it is given to the client who posed the research question.

The good news is you can be part of the analysts or researchers at Wonder. This link will take you to the signup page. As a researcher, you earn money while you learn and you work when you want. So as you enrich your resume, you also sharpen your research skills.

6. Sell Your Plasma

There are people in need of blood plasma and you can help them out by donating your blood plasma. You can also choose to be paid for your plasma and make some side money. People have reported being paid in the region of $350 a month for selling plasma.

There are many plasma donation centers across the United States and you need to be at least 18 years old to qualify. To find centers in your location just search on google. Of course, there are many search phrases you can use but one of them is “octapharma plasma near me.” How much is plasma worth will vary from center to center.

When donating plasma for the first time you may be lucky and find a first time donor coupon. This will increase your payout. The number of times you can donate will vary from center to center and the personnel will be able to advise from a professional point. In some places, you can donate twice a week.

7. Sell Breast Milk

It appears there are several parts of your body that can earn you money without jeopardizing your wellbeing. From selling blood plasma we can talk about selling breast milk. Again, you are selling to help out those in need. There are websites established around such purposes and they facilitate the entire process.

The importance of breast milk to a child is well known to all moms. But sometimes a challenge arises. Some moms may not be in a position to produce sufficient breast milk required by their babies. While others overproduce breast milk and their children can not take it up all. So those lacking the milk are desperately looking for it. And those with abundant breast milk may sometimes not know what to do with it.

You can donate your breast milk to a milk bank but aren’t the milk banks selling the same donated milk. As a mom with excess breast milk, you can make some extra money selling it. There are several websites that provide platforms where moms can buy and sell milk. One site you can use is Only the breast.

8. Task rabbit

Unlike other websites providing jobs that can be done virtually, Task Rabbit facilitates jobs that people need around their homes. The website calls the person performing tasks as a tasker and the jobs open to you are those in your locality.

But what jobs can one pick on from Task Rabbit?

Well, there are folks who may not be keen or do not just have time to DIY. Such people need help in several chores around the home or office ranging from home repairs to cleaning. Some projects could be assembling a table, mounting a TV, fixing a running toilet, cleaning bathroom or kitchen and a lot more other tasks.

So if you have skills and experience in any such requirements, you can become a tasker by registering on Task Rabbit. As a tasker you will install an app on your phone which will give you any job alert in your area. It is up to you to accept any job and therefore you work according to your preferred schedule.

Task Rabbit is a wonderful website for some of the odd jobs that you can do and make yourself some extra money using your skills and experience.

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9. Become a human guinea pig

The health care industry is always developing solutions to deal with various conditions. They are also conducting various research studies. It could be cognitive studies, visual studies, diet and nutrition studies, dermatological studies, and a lot more other studies.

Their problem?

They need to test these solutions and studies before they roll them out. Without testing, they wouldn’t know the efficacy of their solutions. So they need human guinea pigs to test these solutions. And the kicker is that they are ready to pay for that and quite handsomely in some cases.

There is no cause to worry because these are strictly regulated and ethically approved studies. Anybody between 18 to 85 years old can volunteer for medical and clinical trials as well as other research studies. These two websites, GPGP.net and Celerion will help you find the best trial you can opt for. You will be surprised to learn that some trials pay as much as $15,000.

10. Swagbucks

Most people have known Swagbucks for online paid surveys. Swagbucks however, goes beyond that. You can earn some small amounts of money from this website simply by doing stuff you often do from time to time.

You can be paid for surfing the internet, watching videos or even playing games. To register on Swagbucks is free and easy. After you have registered Swagbucks will invite you to do surveys from which you gain points when you complete them.

You should note that major brands across the world and of course other businesses are always seeking ways of enhancing their products and services. As such, they conduct surveys in order to get feedback from individuals who take part in their surveys.

The points you get on Swagbucks when doing these small tasks can then be redeemed for gift cards. So go ahead and register and have a chance to redeem those gift cards from over 200 brands.

11. Guru

Guru is a platform for expert freelancers. Those in need of technical skills to do some assignments for them flock to Guru to seek and hire that expertise. If you surely want to make some extra money you can join Guru for free and put across a profile that exactly describes the staff you are skilled to do.

The categories on Guru are far-ranging. You can offer your skills in engineering and architecture, programming and development, design and art, business & finance, and much more.

earn money

A plus for Guru is that it allows you to make teams in order to accomplish a particular assignment. Here you use what they call workrooms. These facilitate you to work with efficiency whilst communicating with your team members and the employer. Members can be added in the workrooms and assigned individual roles.

After the assignment is accomplished, Guru provides a secure payment system. This system will ensure that your payment comes at the right time. And it is up to you to choose from four payment systems. That is Paypal, Payoneer, wire transfer or by direct deposit.


Granted, this is not a conclusive list of odd jobs. There are still plenty of odd assignments people can pick on and make money from them.

However, from the eleven websites given in this post, I’m hoping you may find a job to work on that may be of interest to you. On the other hand, if you know of any other website offering odd jobs, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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