Online Surveys: 25 Best Paid Surveys Sites

Last Updated on July 7, 2022

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Are paid surveys legit?

Do people really make money from online survey sites?

Such questions come to mind, right? I mean, when you bump into paid survey promotions, your cautious self wants to brush it off as a fraud. Yet, some little voice keeps telling you of possible truth in it all.

Who or what do you listen to at that moment?

Supposing its fraud and you end up being a victim or waste your precious time chasing the wind. Supposing there is a shred of truth in it. And you know if you don’t do it you may lose that $20 or $50 or maybe $100 that may supplement your pocket.

True, some paid surveys are scams. And true, other paid online survey sites are legit. Whatever it is, you need to exercise due diligence when it comes to taking surveys for cash.

Here are a few ways you can spot scam-paid online surveys.

  1. Surveys that ask for money before you join. Keep away from such surveys.
  2. Offers that are too good to be true. If a survey for money site is offering you $100 for sharing your opinions in 15 minutes, some math does not add up in that equation.
  3. Some paid survey sites ask pre-qualification questions before you join. If this stage is becoming unnecessarily too long, be wary you may end up just wasting your time.

Taking surveys for extra money is happening all over the world. Sometimes, registering to make money from surveys ends up in disappointment if the site does not cater to your geographical location.

Here is a list of some of the best-paid surveys online that are applicable to residents of the USA. I know many sites can still be added to this list and will update it in time accordingly.

If there are some paid surveys for cash sites you like using and are not on this list, please mention it in the comments. Remember, it is always prudent to take necessary caution as you engage in such activities.

Ready for the first online survey site?

25 Paid Survey Sites For USA Residents

#1. E-Poll

online surveys for pay

This paid online survey website provides a convenient platform to have your voice heard on a variety of issues that affect your life. When you take E-Poll’s interactive surveys, you earn points per survey that can be redeemed for gift cards and PayPal cash.

The researchers interested in your opinions include movie studios, TV executives, celebrities, and agents. Others are top advertisers, favorite musicians, and athletes. Your opinions matter and you have a chance to give it and get paid doing so.

Your reward is that you make a difference. You also get cash drawings each month if you have hit the threshold. Above more, you can donate your points to a good cause like St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital.

#2. Inbox Dollars

online surveys that pay

Inbox Dollars boasts of having dished out more than $56 million to its members since 2000. Accredited with Better Business Bureau, Inbox Dollars is a popular site to make money online. You have a grand chance to take a share of what Inbox Dollars provide.

An enticing $5 bonus is up for grabs just on registration. But how does Inbox Dollars manage to offer these rewards? Like several paid online survey sites, Inbox dollars is supported by big brands. These brand companies are keen to get customer feedback on their existing and new products or services.

These companies pay Inbox dollars for consumer input. Inbox dollars then recruit you and me for that feedback and they share the spoils.

You earn money from surveys that will take you 3 to 25 minutes to complete. Most online surveys reward you from $0.50 to $5.00 per survey. You are paid for watching videos like movie trailers and new product features. You are paid to play games like Monkey Bubble Shooter, Outspell, and Candy Jam.

In a nutshell, Inbox dollars is packed with various ways of making extra money online.

#3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the renowned highest online paid surveys site. Its members have earned more than $400 million in rewards. When you register with Swagbucks you will be invited to do surveys.

You earn points which are called SB. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards from over 200 brands. Hundreds of advertisers are always garnering opinions on their products and services.

Your opinions help them to continuously improve their products or services. These advertisers are ready to pay for your opinions. Swagbucks gather offers from these advertisers and bring them to you.

Swagbucks is compensated by the advertiser and it also shares that money with you for your valued opinion.

You are paid gift cards for answering surveys. You are rewarded with free gift cards when you watch movie trailers and more. You can also explore popular coupons and cashback offers from top stores like Walmart, Macy’s, and Amazon. 

#4. iSurveyWorld

surveys for money online

Individual opinions are a powerhouse today that is shaping the future of products as well as services. iSurveyWorld invites you to be part of this powerhouse and help create a future tailored to the opinions of ordinary product and service consumers. Take part and earn a little extra cash.

Registration on this site requires you to share your preferences. Taking surveys on this platform is tailored to fit your interests and experience.

You can take as many surveys as you like and get rewarded. When your minimum payout is achieved, you can get cash through PayPal.

Similar to most paid survey sites, iSurveyWorld does not allow you to make more than one account. Note also that you can only complete surveys in the geographical region you registered from.

If you change cities and your IP address does not match that of your initial registration, you will not be rewarded for such surveys.

#5. Life Points

online surveys for making money

Life Points has a community of over 5,000,000 members. Joining the community earns you 10 life points immediately.

If you desire to be heard, join Life Points and you have a chance to change the world.

This online surveys website brings engaging surveys to your disposal. Your completion of surveys will contribute directly to some of the world’s largest companies and brands.

Your opinions help to shape future services and products. You earn life points per survey as a ‘thank you’ for your participation. The life points are redeemed for a variety of rewards.

Collecting more life points is largely dependent on you. The more time you dedicate to completing surveys, the more points you earn. These will result in getting great rewards.

#6. Make Survey Money

Is Makesurveymoney legit? Yeah, for sure it is! This paid online survey site offers a $2 signup bonus. Registration is at no cost of course. You can sign up with Facebook or with your email.

paid surveys best sites

With a large variety of surveys to pick from, take surveys at a time of your liking. Make Survey Money shows you the available online surveys, the time estimated to take the survey, and the expected reward on completion.

So at a glance, you can see how much you can make, and this assists in planning your time and desired earnings goal.

When your account balance hits the minimum payout, you can request payment through your preferred method.

Available methods through which you get paid are PayPal, check, or some of the popular gift cards. These include Amazon, JCPenny, Starbucks, and Apple iTunes.

#7. My Soap Box

online surveys to get paid

This survey site asks about the things you use, buy, and do every day. Your feedback, positive or negative is important to shape the future of such things.

My Soap Box rewards you for the time you spend taking online surveys.

Registration with this online research community can be done via Facebook or you can just enter your details in the provided form. After registration, you will receive your first survey invitation within 24 hours.

The platform automatically invites you to participate in taking online surveys via email. You can also add the option to be invited via text messages. The more research studies you agree to take part in, the more invitations you get.

You’ll earn points to participate in various activities on this surveys for money website. Accumulate 25,000 points for you to cash in for several prizes. You can also choose a charity to donate to.

#8. One Opinion

surveys for money on paypal

At OneOpinion, you have to help companies make better products. And that is what you are rewarded for.

After confirming your registration, you’ll begin taking surveys and earning rewards for your participation.

OneOpinion undertakes surveys on behalf of market research companies. With the surveys, you have a chance to learn about new products and services.

The real kick, however, is the opportunity to influence the development of these products and services.

The online surveys come to you via email. Equally, you can log into your account and choose surveys to complete from there.

Your reward comes after you accrue a minimum of 25,000 points. You can redeem your points for rewards like gift cards or get paid PayPal cash.

#9. Opinion Inn

Membership registration at Opinion Inn, like most paid survey websites, is an easy and quick process. Provide your name, age, gender, and address and you are good to go. A $10 reward is given as a signup bonus.

paid surveysWith Opinion Inn, you get paid by completing surveys. Just on registration, there is a button inviting you to start a survey.

You make money for each survey you complete. The money is credited to your Opinion Inn account. You can redeem the money through PayPal once you reach the minimum redemption limit of $25. 

#10. Opinion City

paid surveys online legitimate

Sign up at Opinion City with your name and email address. This website provides online surveys by connecting you to top market research companies.

These companies send you surveys and you get rewarded for taking part in their research.

Consider Opinion City as a hub for survey for money websites. They recommend paid survey sites that you can join. Opinion City claims to find the best survey sites that pay and avoid giving you scam survey sites.

However, I recommend that you should always do your due diligence before you start taking surveys.

The earnings here, therefore, are not dependent on Opinion City. But on the various sites recommended to you. Opinion City is basically, a survey guide that takes you to other sites where you can make extra money online.

#11. Opinion Outpost

paid surveys from home

Here is another “Surveys for Money” website you can join and supplement your income. You can sign up for Opinion Outpost via Facebook or LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can just provide your email details to sign up.

When registered, you can take surveys to earn cash and rewards for taking online surveys. You earn points per survey that you can redeem for cash or gift vouchers to some popular brands.

The surveys you take part in include electronics, politics, sports, medicine, appliances, and several others.

For this paid online surveys site, you can also redeem your points for an Amazon gift card as well as Apple iTunes. If cash is more desirable, Opinion Outpost gives you chance to claim it through your PayPal account.

#12. Paid Viewpoint

online surveys to earn money

At Paid Viewpoint, you can register an account with popular social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn among others.

Registration is also available by the provision of your email. There is a strict limit of one Paid Viewpoint account per person.

Paid Viewpoint is a bridge between its market research clients and paid survey takers or survey respondents where you belong.

To achieve the highest quality standards, Paid Viewpoints limits the number of market research surveys you are permitted to answer each month.

Survey earnings are paid through PayPal or Paid Viewpoint’s partner virtual incentives. The minimum required to cash out is $15.  Once requested, your cash-out funds are expected to hit your PayPal account within 72 hours.

#13. Panda Research

cash paid surveys

Online paid surveys have gained marked popularity in the recent past. Hundreds of companies are providing this service today.

Panda Research is one of them. So far they have paid out more than $2,244,000 to those taking part in their surveys.

Like most paid surveys online, registration at Panda Research costs you nothing. When you complete online surveys and offers, you make extra money.

Referring your friends to Panda Research and reading emails will also earn cash for you as additional income.

Panda Research pays cash through PayPal on the 1st and 15th of every month. The money you are rewarded varies. It is dependent on the type and size of the paid survey or offer.

Panda Research allows only one account per household. Eligibility requires that you must be at least 18 years old. With several positive testimonials on Panda Research, it is worth trying.

#14. Pinecone Research Surveys

Manufacturers have several new products to launch. To fine-tune these products they need the opinions of would-be users.

The public. Pinecone Research is the bridge between the public and manufacturers for these valuable opinions.

So the opinions you give today influence the products of tomorrow.

Participating in a paid survey by Pinecone Research earns you points. These points are redeemed for cash or prizes. You can use PayPal to get your cash.

Another benefit for a participant is product knowledge before the products hit the market.

On average, Pinecone research surveys take you 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Pinecone Research sends you new product survey evaluation assignment notifications through your email.

Sometimes, Pinecone Research can send you products to test. This paid online surveys platform refers to its participants as panelists.

#15. Point Club

This surveys for money site allows you to sign in with your Google or Facebook accounts.

Alternatively, you can sign up with your name and email address. Point Club offers you a $5 sign-up bonus.

Point Club promises you fun surveys. You will be rewarded with points for this as well as for taking part in quizzes and polls.

If you log into your account daily, you stand a chance of increasing your awarded points tremendously. To redeem your reward, you must accrue a minimum point balance of 25,000. This is equivalent to $25.

You can redeem this supplemental income in several ways. You can request payment via PayPal. Or you can opt for various gift cards available to pick from.

Point Club also provides the opportunity for you to donate your earnings to a charitable organization that you can pick from their list.

#16. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is an online survey website with a record $19 million in cash and rewards redeemed since 2007.

With a community of over 9 million members, it has a reputable share of the paid online surveys community.

Signing up is costless and easy. It barely takes you about 10 seconds. Once done, you are on your way to making extra money online.

Complete paid online surveys and earn points. You redeem these points for cash and brand-name gift cards like eBay, iTunes, Amazon, and Walmart.

With PrizeRebel, you do not only earn cash taking surveys but there are other ways to earn extra money. Also, other activities will earn you rewards.

You can earn cash by watching videos and participating in raffles and contests. There is also a referral system that will earn you points.

#17. Real Surveys that Pay

A $2 sign-up bonus is waiting for you at Real Surveys that Pay. Joining this surveys for money platform will not cost you a cent.

Real Surveys that Pay will not ask you to enter any credit card information anywhere on their platform.

Taking surveys on this website provides members with several ways to make money online. They reward participation in live surveys accessed on their live surveys page.

They also do email invitations to members to take part in daily surveys and live surveys. Sometimes Real Surveys that Pay connects you to other 3rd party offers. In such cases, compensation is with those parties you are referred to.

Real Surveys that Pay compensates its members in several ways. You can choose from the available options. You can opt to be paid by PayPal or check. You can also pick from a variety of popular gift cards. Some of these are Amazon, JCPenny, Starbucks, Chili’s, and others.

#18. Signature Surveys

When you join Signature Surveys, you get a $5 instant activation bonus. Your registration also makes you eligible for an extra bonus opportunity of $20. Signing up is at no cost to you.

There are several activities you can do on this paid survey platform. You can take online surveys, and free product trials.

Or you can choose paid research panels, and opinion surveys among other activities as other ways to earn money.

The amount you earn per survey varies with the available offers. Once you have earned a minimum amount of $20, you can request a payment.

You can be paid via check or PayPal. Payments through PayPal will be made within 48 hours of the completion cash-out request. Paid surveys are actually a good side hustle to earn a little extra cash for yourself.

#19. Surveys2Cash

On Surveys2Cash, your consumer profile is critical. At registration, you are availed of a questionnaire to complete.

Provide honest answers for this to be meaningful. Your answers help to build your consumer profile.

Online surveys and market research opportunities are matched to your consumer profile. In this way, you participate in offers that suit your consumer profile.

Choose the surveys you want to participate in and start making money online to supplement your pocket cash.

Your participation reward will come either as PayPal cash or a gift card. So Survey2Cash is another paid survey site that pays you for your opinions. You make money for your wonderful thoughts in your spare time.

#20. Survey Rewardz

You can join Survey Rewardz as a side hustle to earn a little extra cash at no cost at all.

Registration through a Facebook button is another option this paid survey site offers.

After verification of your account, Survey Rewardz will email you when new surveys are available for you. Alternatively, you can log into your account and check for surveys.

Like most online surveys, the reward per survey is not a lot of money. It would range from $0.20 to $3. And rarely you can get a survey with a reward above $3.

With paid surveys, the number you complete is what adds up to getting a reward that will at least be worth your effort and time. Apart from taking surveys, you can also earn cash by referring friends to Survey Rewardz.

After you have voiced your opinions and earned your rewards, several options are available to get your reward. You can get a check or you can be paid through PayPal. You can also opt to be paid through Payza or get an Amazon gift card.

#21. Survey Voices

The goal of Survey Voices is to be your number 1 online paid survey site. They match you with the best-paid market research opportunities.

Joining Survey Voices cost you nothing. Provide your email address and a qualifying questionnaire.

This is used to match you up with the best survey offers online. You must be at least 18 years old to join Survey Voices.

In a way, Survey Voices conducts due diligence on your behalf. They search and vet survey companies and market researchers. This is to ensure that they provide the best-online surveys tailored to your interests and opinions.

How much you can make depends on the surveys you take and the offers you claim. If you dedicate 40 hours a week and the surveys you choose, pay $3 an hour, you will make at least $100 a week.

Survey Voices provide other ways to earn extra money. Other offers and deals provided by Survey Voices are sweeps entries, samples, discounts, and freebies.

#22. TimeBucks Reward Site

You can sign up on this paid survey site with your Facebook account or manually enter your details.

There is no approval process. Once you sign up you are ready to start earning money online.

The site, however, has some premium offers where you have to verify your account to start using them.

TimeBucks Reward site has a variety of offers at your disposal. Some offers are watching videos and installing free apps.

Others are following people on Instagram, completing surveys, voting polls, and others. You can also earn cash by referring friends to the site.

With a minimum payout of $10, TimeBucks pays every Thursday. The cut-off period is Tuesday at 11:59:59 New York time.

Anything unpaid rolls over into the following week. Supported payments are through PayPal, Payeer, and Bitcoin.

#23. Vindale Research

Vindale Research has so far paid more than $7,900,000 to its members. You register either through the provided Facebook button or by providing your email address. You earn $1 for signing up.

When you provide your democratic information, Vindale research will use it to match you to paid surveys.

New surveys that you qualify for are emailed to you. Another way to access the online surveys is to browse the Vindale Research website. Note that you can complete surveys on any device and earn a little extra cash.

There is a variety of survey topics to pick from. These include cars and trucks, politics, and current events.

Other topics you will find are sports, home improvement, popular restaurants, new technology, health, and beauty. Taking surveys on shopping and fashion as well as travel and leisure are also included.

Vindale Research makes cash payments through PayPal. Apart from paid surveys, you can earn money from this online survey site in several other ways. One such way is through their referral program.

#24. Valued Opinions

Would you like to help companies know what they need to improve their products and services? Would you like to offer such help in your own available time and get rewarded for it?

Would you like to influence change through paid surveys, product tests, and more? Then join Valued Opinions as a side hustle to earn a little extra cash at no cost to you.

After you register, activate your account and start making money online from top brands. These include Amazon, Target, and Macy’s. You can take surveys and earn cash up to $5 per survey you complete.

When you accrue a balance of $10 and above you can redeem your rewards. Log in to your Valued Opinions account and go to the rewards page. A list of reward options is available and you can redeem your reward.

#25. VIP Voice

This online survey website is available to join at no cost like most surveys for money websites.

Provide your particular on the provided registration form and submit to register. You will be asked to confirm registration.

Once done, you are eligible to start taking surveys for money and earn a little extra cash.

You earn VIP points for each survey you take. The platform provides you a chance to use your earned points in sweepstakes and auctions for amazing rewards.

These rewards include vacations, electronics, appliances, and several others.

The number of surveys you receive will vary from member to member. The major reason for this is that surveys are matched to your profile and demographic information such as age, gender, and education level.

Paid Surveys Can Earn You Supplemental Income

Imagine you can use your free or idle time to complete paid surveys.

Imagine you have registered on at least five online survey websites.

Imagine your effort earns you at least $20 per week per survey site.

Well, you would be boasting of at least $100 supplemental or additional money per week. This, obviously will not make you rich or substitute your primary income source but it will certainly benefit you in one way.

That is not to mention the fun of taking surveys. And the satisfaction of having contributed to the bettering of future products and services.

Go on and do those paid surveys for money now.

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