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Get The Best Walking App That Pays You! 23 Apps That Really Work

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

Here is the brutal truth…

You will not find any walking app that pays you money to quit your job over.


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In fact, getting paid to walk is more of a motivation to encourage you to exercise than an avenue of making an income.

True you can find two or three apps where you can earn relatively decent money for walking. But I want to implore you to take these apps that pay you for walking as motivators.

If you want ways to make some money on the side, there are other online ways you can use to do so. For example, How To Make a $100 a Day With These 21 Proven Ways in 2020 will show you some of the ways.

But today we want to walk to earn money.

And there are apps out there to attend to our bidding. These apps reward you in the form of cash, discounts, or charity donations.

You may have come across some of the apps and would want to go to specific ones. Below is the table of contents to help you jump to a specific app.

Now, before I give you 19 other apps, I want to begin by sharing with you my number one app that will pay you to walk.

Here it is…

1 Charity Miles

walking app that pays you

What is better and nobler than helping other people or causes?

This is why I say that Charity Miles is a must-have get paid for walking app. Because it is all about helping needy areas through charity donations.

And your donation is your walking. Meaning that you are also being helped to be in shape by the Charity Miles app.

The earnings you make on Charity Miles will go to support charities.

On registration, Charity Miles will allow you to choose from over 40 world-changing charities to support. These include Stand Up To Cancer, Alzheimer’s Association, Feeding America, Girls Up among other renowned charities.

You will earn money for charity when you walk, run, or bike. All you have to do is to start and stop your workout for this paid to walk app to track your distance.

Go support a charity out there as you exercise for your better health.

I could actually end here. But in case Charity Miles does not appeal to you the way it does to me…

then below are 19 other apps that pay you to walk.

2 Wag

If you love dogs(they are amazing pets), one of the ways to make some money is while you’re walking dogs with the Wag app. It connects dog walkers, sitters, trainers with a nationwide community of pet owners.

Wag and Rover(you will find it down the list) are two walking for money apps that significantly differ from the rest on the list. Because they involve pet walking. And for that reason, they pay better than the others.

How much do you earn on Wag?

Buzzfeed News reports that “on average, a walker makes around $17.50 per walk” according to Wag co-founder and CEO Joshua Viner.

To register with Wag, you must be over 18-years old and legally authorized to work in the United States. It’s flexible for you to set your own schedule and manage your services. Payments are handled via Stripe.

Want to challenge your workout for high stakes? Check the next app…

3 HealthyWage

walking app that pays you

HealthyWage is another wonderful get paid for walking app with a name that suitably says so. It offers you cash prizes for weight loss challenges you undertake.

You can make yourself money up to $10,000 by making a “bet” on your own weight loss goal. You can also earn by taking part in fun and effective weight loss challenges. It is a superb way to motivate you to lose weight.

The app packs a punch of features that will help you monitor your weight loss goal from start to end. Some of these features are, track your step activity throughout the day, keep track of your weight loss and your progress toward hitting your goal and take and post-victory and before-and-after photos.

HealthyWage dangles four types of luscious challenges that you can join. You can participate in these challenges as an individual or as a team to lose weight together.

So… what are you waiting for?

Register today with this app that pays you to work out towards your desired goal to lose weight.

4 Sweatcoin

First of all, kudos to whoever coined this name. I get the implication that it is one of the apps that pay you for sweating.


Sweatcoin will make you earn money from walking. It is all about your health. When you walk, Sweatcoin will convert your steps…shh!… even indoor steps… into a digital currency they call Sweatcoins.

This is a get paid to walk app that is encouraging you to live a healthy life. Because every step you take has value. To you, to your health insurer, and to society.

So keep on moving. The more you walk, the healthier you become, and the more you earn.

Use your Sweatcoins to grab superb goods, services, and experiences in the Sweatcoin marketplace.

These striking goodies include iPhones, Apple watches, anti-gravity yoga classes, and much more. Better still, you can graciously donate your Sweatcoins to charity.

Sweatcoin supports environmental, humanitarian, and animal preservation causes.

Sweatcoin provides this value from partnerships. These include brands interested in connecting with health-conscious audiences, insurance companies wishing to encourage healthier lifestyle choices, and governments looking to improve public health.

Let’s jump to another amazing app.

5 Lympo

getting paid to walk

Get hold of Lympo to walk and earn money or exercise for rewards. Lympo has several features that you can put to use.

Apart from walking and running challenges, you also get rewarded taking surveys, or you can participate in daily health tasks to earn bonuses.

Every day brings a new opportunity to get money for walking. You’ll start a new challenge to walk or run and track your activity.

Lympo easily connects to your preferred fitness tracker and you can start earning rewards for your indoor or outdoor steps. When you complete your activity you’ll earn what are called LYM coins.

As I told you, don’t expect to earn a fortune from apps that pay you to walk. I think it is better to consider these applications as activity and weightloss motivation programs.

For the free Lympo version, you can exchange your earned coins with a variety of special discount coupons from Lympo’s partners.

These include gym memberships, tickets to various entertainment and events, sports gear, health supplements, and more!

6 Achievement (Now called Evidation)

If you have been skeptical about the popularity of apps that pay you to walk, I bet you will get surprised if I told you that the Achievement app has more than 3 million members.

It is one of the top health apps where you earn a little extra cash by tracking steps.

Achievement is supported by top Silicon Valley investors whose corporate social responsibility drives them to help scientific research progress and make America healthier.

This app will pay you to walk, meditate, take surveys, logging your meals, and more.

You can earn up to 80 points a day for each type of activity. You’ll earn $10 for every 10,000 points you make. Make sure to redeem your points for cash via PayPal account or bank account of your choice.

Payments are done within 3 to 7 business days.

You also have an option to participate in cutting-edge health research for extra opportunities to earn money. So, install the app and get started today.

As you consider the next app it is worth noting that Achievement is compatible with several other apps like Fitbit, Garmin, and MyFitnessPal.

7 Stepbet

get paid for walk

Let me tell you what Stepbet does best.

It is to motivate you to be more active. Because you “bet” on yourself to meet your personalized goals. Having your money on the line is an important and powerful motivator to accomplish your goal.

Signup to Stepbet and connect your favorite fitness tracker and the app will start calculating your step goals.

But how do you earn money walking using Stepbet? Aim to achieve your personalized step goals for the entire game.

Once you hit the goal, you split the pot with the other winners. Meaning that you get your bet back plus a profit.

To participate, you need to choose your activity source from the fitness trackers supported by Stepbet.

These include Apple Health, Fitbit, and Garmin. You then find a game and place your bet into the game’s pot to officially join.

After that, you just have to keep active. You must walk, you must exercise, and you must stay active in order for you to hit your fitness step goals every week of the game.

8 Walgreens Balance Rewards

Another great way to make money walking is to use Walgreens Balance Rewards. Frequent shoppers at Walgreens could already be members of the Walgreens Balance Rewards.

If you are a member and not earning points by walking, you can start using that and increase the number of points per month you earn.

To start earning points and get money while you’re walking, you need to join the Balance Rewards for healthy choices(R). The app will allow you to link a fitness tracker.

You’re paid points for staying well. You can do so by tracking things like walking, running, cycling, weight management, blood glucose, or NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy).

You earn points for each challenge week you complete. You will be rewarded 100 Walgreens Balance Rewards points for each week you complete a healthy challenge.

When you successfully complete 4 challenge weeks, you get a bonus prize wheel spin worth up to 2000 points.

The cash value for 1,000 points is equivalent to $1. So 10,000 of these points will earn you $10.

9 PK Rewards

apps that pay you for walking

PK Rewards is an app that pays you to exercise. Meaning that it does not only pay you to walk but also just to workout and exercise in general. In short, you get rewarded for your workouts.

PK Rewards boasts of a game-changing technology that calculates personal effort, showing exactly how hard you’re pushing yourself during your workout.

So whether you are walking, swimming, skating, gym workout, or cycling, your effort is measured and the app pays you coins.

You can redeem your coins for cash gift cards, Nike shoes, Airline & Vacations, Meal Plans, Premium Protein Powder, and more!

These rewards motivate you to put in a lot more effort into your workouts.

PK Rewards allows you to connect Apple Watch or Bluetooth heart rate monitor to earn from any workout. You can also import workouts via Apple Health from Fitbit, Nike+ Run Club, 7 Minute Workout, Endomondo, Garmin, Runtastic, DailyBurn, and several more.

10 LifeCoin

When you download the Lifecoin app, you will get rewards for walking, running, hiking, moving, or exercising outside. The app supports outdoor steps and activities to exercise, sweat, and become healthy.

You are paid what are called life coins. You can then redeem these coins for gadgets, discount codes, and more! The life coins can not be traded in for cash or money.

Rewards are redeemed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Their rewards change constantly and you are not likely to find the same things as they routinely add more rewards when they diminish.

I think it is always good to invite friends to experience good things with you. So you can become LifeCoin’s ambassador for life. To spread the joy of wellness and rewards and earn more.

11 Fit For Bucks

app that pay you for walking

Available only on the App Store for iPhone, Fit For Bucks’ ultimate goal is for people everywhere to challenge themselves with fitness goals and step toward happier and healthier lives.

Fit For Bucks motivates you to walk and exercise every day by allowing you to exchange your daily steps for lifestyle rewards. The more you move, the more you score.

You earn rewards not just for walking but for being active. Be it running, walking, mountain climbing, all kinds of movement count.

With this app that pays you for working out, you do not earn coins or points. Once you download the app and connect your wearable activity tracker or iPhone, you start exchanging your steps for rewards.

The rewards include Food and Drinks, Personal Services, Products, Classes, Personal Training, etc.

12 Winwalk

Winwalk is another app that gives you money for walking. It’s a free and easy to use pedometer that counts your steps and rewards you.

What you earn are free e-gift cards from famous brands such as Amazon, AMC, ebay, Domino’s, Google Play, Nike, Starbucks, Target, Sephora, Walmart, etc

Unlike other apps that reward you for walking, Winwalk does not use GPS tracking. It uses the phone’s built-in sensor to count your steps.

This makes the app save your battery in a great way. And you can use the app for indoor steps and exercises like on the treadmill and also for outdoor steps.

The app is anonymous and secure. Unlike Sweatcoin, there is no login, no personal information, and no GPS. Every 100 steps you take will earn you a coin. You can earn up to 100 coins per day.

13 FitPotato

earn money from walking

This walk for money app works similarly to Stepbet. It requires you to bet on yourself to participate in the weekly challenges.

To join the weekly prize group, you have to pay a small entry fee displayed on the summary screen.

So you can challenge your friends and other FitPotato users to earn cash for your steps. These steps can be from walking, running, or even dog walking.

Anyone who completes 3 sessions in 7 days gets a share of the weekly prize.

In their terms and conditions, FitPotato guarantees that the reward will not be less than the entry fee paid.

In order to track your steps, FitPotato must be granted access to Apple Health steps data. You should note that your GPS will be running in the background for the duration of your workout session.

14 Runtopia

Runtopia will reward you for walking or running. So making money walking is a breeze. Runtopia brings a motivational incentive to turn your activity into sports coins.

You can redeem the coins for wonderful rewards. The rewards include cash via Paypal, gift vouchers, various fitness gear, and more!

Runtopia provides tools to achieve goals for beginner or marathon runners and even those who want to lose weight.

The app comes with lots of cool features to put efficiency into your workouts and to keep you motivated. It records all real-time running data, including distance, pace, calories burned, and more.

15 Rover

earning money by walking

This app is similar to Wag. If you are a dog person, I’m sure you will love Rover. It is much different from the other apps that pay you to walk on this list.

In fact, even your earnings with Rover can go to as much as $1,000 per month and more.

Rover provides for pet parents who want to find, book, and manage personalized care for their dogs. Those looking for dog walker jobs apply on Rover and get listed once they pass a general background check.

You must be 18 years and above to qualify. When accepted, you have access to hundreds of pet parents near you. Here is what’s cool. You are in charge of your dog walking business.

You set your schedule, choose your rates, and work when you want, where you want. Make sure your PayPal email address is connected to get the payments.

16 EarthMiles

Here is another great fitness app that will pay you to walk. Be it walking, be it running, be it cycling, Earthmiles will reward you for the workout you normally do, giving you a kick to continue your workouts.

The earthmiles you earn can be used on exclusive offers from health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, and sports companies.

A peep onto the list of free goodies and discounts will reveal vegan and plant-based foods, healthy snacks, free-from options, fitness classes, gear, kit, clothing, plus much more.

To earn your earthmiles, just link your favorite tracking apps – Runkeeper, Strava, Mapmyrun, Mapmywalk, Fitbit, Misfit, and more.

As you move, your earthmiles balance starts ticking up. You can redeem a voucher or buy directly in the app.

17 Yodo

walk to earn money

Yodo is one of the several great apps where you get paid to walk. It is superb for sports and health management and accurately records your walking, running, hiking, and more.

You can join Yodo using your Facebook or Google accounts. In order to infuse fun, Yodo uses gamification and cash rewards to help you fall in love with sports.

When you do your part of completing exercises daily, you’ll receive random cash rewards. There is no cap on the number of days you can receive cash rewards.

In addition to getting money walking with Yodo, you can also get cash rewards by sharing your sports history or by inviting your friends to download Yodo.

18 CARROT Wellness

What is better than being rewarded for being active? You improve your own health and you get rewarded for it.

CARROT is another of these apps that pay you to walk. It is one of the free apps that reward you financially for walking.

When you walk and achieve your individualized activity step goals, you’ll make points that can be used for several things.

You can use the points to play games, compete in challenges, and get rewards like e-gift cards that are available on the app. The rewards can be won through live, real-time auctions.

CARROT is another app that has successfully gamified health and wellness. It is packed with a lot of fun features available to all users to motivate your wellness activities.

19 SiWalk

SiWalk is a free app that will pay you to walk. You and I know that walking is beneficial to health and SiWalk is promoting health by motivating you to walk and getting paid for it.

Like several other apps, the reward for your exercise is in from of a special coin called SiCoin. You have two ways to generate SiCoins, that is by walking or hiking.

SiWalk will count the everyday steps you make and convert them into SiCoins. You actually earn 1 SiCoin for every 1,000 steps you do.

The SiCoins are saved into your electronic wallet for later spending. Conversion of your steps to SiCoins requires an internet connection and happens once every hour.

SiWalk can however work up to 2 weeks without an internet connection. I think that is a cool feature they have added there.

Get the app on iOS and Android

20 CircleCare- Corporate Wellness

making money by walking

Circlecare is an interesting app with a robust health tracking program that provides a platform for companies to motivate their employees to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

It has functionality for positive reinforcements and rewards to motivate employees to live a healthy life.

CircleCare has tremendous functionality built in it. For example, it will give you timely medication reminders for diabetes and hypertension management.

You can keep regular logs of blood pressure and blood sugar readings and monitor them regularly.

To motivate employees for continued engagement in healthy actions, employees can earn CarePoints in 4 ways. Make sure to redeem your points for exciting rewards.

21 MapMyFitness

does the walking app really pay you

Mapmyfitness has three other apps that are in sync with it. These are Mapmyride, Mapmyrun, and Mapmywalk.

As you can tell by the names, the app takes care of your exercise whether you are running, riding, walking, and of course other workouts.

I must be quick to point out that although this is one of the best fitness apps, it does not reward with actual cash.

Instead, it provides opportunities for you to be rewarded with prizes that have something to do with exercise or workouts if you like. These prizes are mostly related to Under Armour products.

But what do you get out of this app?

You can track everything from pace, stride length, and cadence, plus you get personalized coaching tips along the way.

You can accomplish your tracking using just your smartphone or with your favorite fitness tracker devices like Garmin or Apple Watch.

It is possible to get social with this app by finding support and motivation for your workouts from other users and you can actually create challenges for yourself and your friends and family.

22 Gigwalk

Get paid to walk

Gigwalk is different from the other apps on this list because while there is walking involved in its usage, the focus is not on exercise.

Instead, the app offers gigs from businesses that want to collect data about their products and services.

Some of the tasks can be as short as 5 minutes walking around stores to be accomplished during your shopping trip. And could be as simple as taking a photo of products on a shelf in a retail shop.

Gigwalk is actually a great way to earn extra money for yourself as you go about your business walking around town.

To get started you need to download the app and it is available on both iOS app store and Android devices.

To register your Gigwalk account, you’ll be required to respond to a few easy questions and as usual, you have to provide your email address.

People using this app as Gigwalkers have a way to make money from $3 to $100 and even more. You’ll need to link your PayPal account to start getting paid as all payments are made through PayPal.

When you complete the gig you have been accepted to do, you’ll submit the work directly in the app.

23 Paidtogo

apps that pay you to walk

Paidtogo is a free, fun, motivating, and rewarding fitness tracking app that is available in iOS and Android. The app also has paid programs.

So you can track your walking and running activities with the Paidtogo app in both free and paid programs and earn actual cash rewards.

As a user of this app, you will earn Coins for every mile you walk or run. When you accumulate sufficient Coins, you can use them to purchase PayPal payouts.

As mentioned earlier, you can opt for a free or a paid program.

With the free program, you’ll earn 1 Coin for every mile you walk or run. Your earnings are capped at 10 Coins per day and you can earn 2 Coins a day for sharing your activity on social media.

With the paid program, you’ll earn 2 Coins for every mile you walk or run. The capping you get for your earnings is at 30 Coins for each day.

The paid program allows you to sync with Apple Health and/or track your activities in the background without opening the app.

The available payouts for purchase with your accumulated Coins are $50, $100, and $500.

?Questions People Ask

There are several questions that people ask when they are considering apps that reward you for walking. Let’s tackle a few of those questions.

?What walking app pays the most?

Before I answer that question, let’s first put some few things in perspective.

Two types of apps that pay you for walking

There are basically two types of apps where walking is involved that reward you. The first type of such apps is the ones that focus on walking as a way to exercise your body for better health.

The main purpose of why they pay is to motivate people to participate in healthful living.

Money for such payments mostly come from companies that sponsor these apps for several reasons. Other sources of payments can be from the participating individuals especially with apps where ‘betting’ on a goal is involved.

The second type of apps paying for walking

The other type of apps that pay you where walking is involved are those whose focus is on a particular assignment other than walking as a way of workout. For example, dog walking. The focus assignment is taking client dogs for a walk.

So the apps whose focus is walking as an exercise generally pay little money. As pointed to already, the idea is to motivate you to exercise.

However, those where ‘betting’ on a goal is involved can reward higher depending on the pool of the ‘bets’ and how the reward for the achieved goal is structured.

However, apps whose focus is on a particular assignment (e.g dog walking) pay much more. And usually, with these apps, it depends on much effort you put in.

So the more effort or the more tasks you accomplish, the more money you make.

?Can you actually get paid for walking?

The short answer is YES! Getting paid for walking is very much tenable.

It is true there are apps that will reward you for exercising your body and that exercise includes walking. The payments may not necessarily be big amounts of money but just something to motivate your workouts.

Let’s take for example the Achievement app. It will reward you for walking as well as other workouts. When you use it, you first earn points.

There is a cap on the number of points you can earn in a day with the Achievement app. This may be different from other apps that reward you for walking. The maximum points you earn with Achievement is 80 in a day.

What is the value of these Achievement points?

For every 10,000 points you accumulate, you’ll get $10. You can take the cash or if you so wish you can donate it to a charity of your choice from those listed on the app.

If you do your math, you’ll find out that because of the cap on the number of points you can accumulate in one day, it will take you 125 days to get the $10. So the pay is just basically to motivate you to exercise.

?Does Sweatcoin give you real money?

Several people have wondered whether Sweatcoin will pay you real money.

True you will be rewarded. But as I keep saying throughout this post, do not expect hundreds of dollars to your wallet. The main aim of these apps that pay you for exercising is to motivate you to do more exercise as exercising enhances your well being.

When you have installed the app and it is running you can start your walking exercise and it will track your steps. The good thing now is that Sweatcoin counts your indoor and outdoor steps.

However, inside steps can only be converted by using either an Android device or an iPhone 7 or later. So you can now enjoy step conversion for either inside or outside steps you take.

You will earn 0.95 sweatcoins for every 1, 000 steps you take. And you can earn these sweatcoins in three ways.

The first and main way is by walking. The second way is in daily rewards which can be done by simply watching an ad in the app. And the third way is by inviting friends. You can earn 5 sweatcoins for every friend you refer.

When your account accumulates sufficient sweatcoins you can redeem them for several rewards offered in the app. These include restaurants discount, phones, PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, and more.

Since Sweatcoin allows the transfer of money between accounts, some people invite friends to pool sweatcoins together to accumulate sufficient numbers quickly.

?How many sweatcoins is $1?

Sweatcoins is not an official currency at this time and there is no official platform where you can exchange it. In short, it has no definitive value.

So the rate of exchange for sweatcoins is unstable and can vary widely from one offer to another.

There are platforms however where sweatcoins trading is taking place. People who have accumulated sweatcoins offload them with pricing that varies so much.

One such place is on Reddit. You can check it on the sweatcoins subreddit. You will discover that the value of sweatcoins is volatile and is mostly dependent on mutual agreement between buyers and sellers.

So you will find in a number of cases sweatcoins fetching from 3 cents to 10 cents to a coin. But there are even more offers that are completely outside the bracket I have given here.

Sweatcoin offers $1,000 PayPal cash in exchange for 20,000 sweatcoins. This is however, earnable with 18 months of steps. Or, alternatively, you can pool your sweatcoins together to get to that goal.

Maybe in the future, as Sweatcoin continues to grow, there will be a more consistent exchange rate for their coins.

?How can I make $100 a day online?

The money you make with apps that pay you to walk may not be sufficient enough to move the needle of your requirements.

If you are desirous to make a side income that will rake in $100 a day or more, you have to consider other online money making ways.

You could for example pick on affiliate marketing. This is basically the promotion of other people’s or company’s goods or services for a commission.

This you can achieve either by using paid traffic or free traffic from search engines like Google.

Another example could be offering yourself to tutor English to non-English speaking people around the world. There are a lot of platforms on the internet where you can do this and make a decent income.

Another example could be offering yourself to be a virtual assistant. There are thousands of busy people looking for virtual assistants daily and ready to pay them good amounts of money.

Some of the work you can do as a virtual assistant may include managing somebody’s social media account or data entry on popular and well-known platforms.

To sum it up, there are hundreds of ways you can use to make yourself money online. For a quick start, you can check this post How to make a $100 a day – 21 proven ways to make money online for some of the methods you can use.


I have given you a great list of the best apps that pay you to walk. If you are keen on healthful living and want to walk as a part of it, why not get rewarded albeit in a small way.

I think making money walking is a pretty generous way of being rewarded for doing nothing much from something you already do. It is actually a double reward in some way.

Personally, I prefer the Charity Miles app because it involves helping others while you are being helped to take on a healthy lifestyle.

However, our choices and tastes differ. If your focus is on exercising your body, there are several of the apps listed above that will make your day.

If on the other hand, your focus is to earn a bit more money, there are still a few best apps I have given you that will pay a bit more.

Whatever the case, you have a good chance of finding an app that will attend to your need.

Which one of these best apps that pay you to walk appeals most to you?

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