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17+ Easy Ways For College Students To Make Money Quickly

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What if you could learn easy ways college students can make money online?

Today I will show you exactly how your friends are making an extra income in college. Simply by engaging in side hustles. Engagements anyone in college is capable of doing. And they manage this without disturbing college calendars.

There are many ways of how to earn money. Some of them may not be applicable to every location. And this post strives to offer you as many possibilities as possible. This is to give you a wider choice of what may suit you. That may be in terms of location and taste. Here is how we are going to tackle this. Let us divide the side hustles into five main categories as;

  1. Tutoring|How to Make Money in College
  2. Creative Internet Opportunities To Make Money Online
  3. How To Make Money As a Student Using Your Skills and Talent
  4. Physical Ways To Get Money For College
  5. Making Money While in College By Selling Items

Let’s dive into it immediately.

Table of Contents

Cat 1: Tutoring|How to Make Money in College

Tutoring is one way to rake in fast money for college students. There are many subject areas and several platforms where you can provide this service. When you have provided the service, you walk away with money to take care of your day to day needs. Best part is you can do this online. Meaning there is room to set your own hours to provide this service. Here are some of the sites you can use.


There are hundreds of subjects you can pick from college to high school level. They include subjects in engineering, math, science, humanities and high school subjects.ways to make extra money in college fast

You can tutor any time of your choosing from any where. All that is needed is an internet connection. You will be interested to know that Chegg pays every week. So focus on tutoring and let Chegg stuff dollars into your pocket. You can sign up as a tutor here.


An amazing platform to teach English to millions of children in China.

Vipkid is free to join. However, you have to pass their recruiting process for them to enlist you as a tutor. Once registered, you are good to go to work your own hours and from anywhere. You can sign up for Vipkid here. You can also check on Vipkid and other cool websites in this post  21 Websites to Make $100 a Day in 2020.

Tutoring Your Native Language

If you can teach someone your native language, then italki is your platform to use.

Here is the cool thing. As an italki teacher, you set your own prices. You work your own schedule. Either from your room or in a park as long as you have an internet connection. Italki has a database of over 5 million students. Surely, you will definitely find a couple of people wanting to learn your native language. And if there is something easy to teach, it is your native language.  So if you’re looking to make extra money, then register with italki here to teach your native language.


The Wyzant platform is one of the best ways for students to make cash online. Apart from online, it also allows tutoring in person. You can list your services on Wyzant using an application form online here. Tutors on Wyzant set their own rates. best loans for college tuitionYou would be interested to learn that tutors on Wyzant have earned more than $64,000,000.  To be eligible, you must be 18 years and above. A resident of the United States with a valid social security number. You are not necessarily required to be a certified teacher.


Making the money you need online can come in many ways. From the several teaching ways given above, Udemy is another great platform. On Udemy, you create a course once and it will keep on bringing you income month after month. On average tutors on Udemy get between $1,000 to $5,000 per month.

Two questions arise. What can be taught on Udemy?  And who can teach?

The answer…

Anyone is welcome to teach on Udemy. And the courses taught range widely. Web design, marketing, yoga, photography, Microsoft excel, Powerpoint…..

The list goes on.

When you are ready to make your course, Udemy guides you on structuring it. They will review the course for quality standards. When approved your course will be published on Udemy.com.

ways to make money in collegeEvery time a student purchases your course, you earn money. Udemy pays you monthly, through PayPal or Payoneer. You will be interested to note that Udemy has more than 6 million registered users. Click here to make a course on Udemy.

Cat 2: Creative Internet Opportunities To Make Money

Create a Blog and Start Making Money While in College

You must have heard a lot about this.

True, creating a blog or website can make you earn money online. A lot of money actually. But this is not necessarily an easy way to generate money.

Making money from a website or blog demands a lot of work in the initial stages. Especially on creating content for your blog. But when your site gains traction, the going gets easy. And you can make a lot of money. Even when you are sleeping.

Free website creation

Being in college, it is prudent to save money. That is why creating a free website or blog is the right choice to make. If it is your first time creating a website you’ll actually gain two things free of charge. First you’ll have a grand chance of climbing the ropes of website creation for free. Second your free website can become a dynamic launch pad for a professional website or blog.

Let me give you three platforms where you can build a free website. All you do is just go to the site and register. These platforms have tremendous help material to assist you build a website. You do not need to be a techie to build a website on these platforms. Here they are:

  1. WordPress – https://wordpress.com/. How to make money online
  2. Weebly – https://www.weebly.com/ websites to make extra money
  3. Wix – https://www.wix.com/best loans for college tuition

Go ahead and choose any one of the platforms above. Impact the world by sharing your mind on a free website. You can then put affiliate links on your website or blog and make the money you need whilst in college.

Premium Website Creation

All the three platforms given above for free website creation have premium options. The free websites work fine but you get more benefits and features when you upgrade to premium.

One drawback of free websites is that you cannot have a unique domain name. Whatever name you choose for your website will have to be a sub domain of the platform you are using.

So if you want a blog or website where you have more leverage, go premium. You need to spend a bit of money on website hosting and domain name registration.

Now, spending money to learn how to make extra money as a student may not be an attractive proposal to many students. However, if you have a passion to share your thoughts and you can manage to spend a bit of money, having a premium blog is a good way you can use to make some extra bucks.

Some hosting companies charge as low as $2.30 per month. And domain registration may cost you around $10.00 per year.

Websites to Make Extra Money as a Virtual Assistant

This may be one of your easiest ways to make extra money. Many websites exist where you can put up your profile as a virtual assistant. And many businesses and website owners are ready to higher virtual assistants to help them with simple tasks like sending emails or data entry.

Upwork and Fiverr as you will see later below are two such websites you can use for your virtual assistant jobs. Here is another one you can use.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

It’s a place where individuals and businesses can outsource processes and tasks that can be performed virtually. And that’s where you come in as a virtual assistant. ways for students to make money online

You can create a worker account here on Amazon Mechanical Turk. There are so many tasks being asked of on Mechanical Turk. Some of them are filling spreadsheets, transforming scanned text to Microsoft Word, writing product description.

So go ahead and make yourself some money on this great website.

How to Make Extra Cash in College With Online Surveys

As a student, one way you can make extra cash is with online surveys.

There are many survey sites available. Examples of these are Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Pinecone, Mypoints etc. Some survey sites pay actual cash while with others you gain points. These points can be redeemed later for various things including cash.

One thing to note though is that some survey sites are not available to all geographical areas. In the post These 6 Best Paid Survey Sites of 2019 Offer Free Paid Surveys  I have covered good ground on paid surveys. Using these methods, it is easy to make some money as a college student.

Become a Tester

Becoming a tester is one of the ways to make quick money. You can test new apps, websites, games etc. and be paid for doing that. You can also offer yourself for medical research and get rewarded handsomely. Here are websites that you can use.


Register to become a tester on Test.io

how to make money in high school

In your quest to find ways to get money for college, you can earn up to $50 once you find a bug in an app on Test.io. If there are no bugs to point at, you can also be paid for rating apps. You can work your own hours and from anywhere. Moreover, you have the chance to be among the first to see brand new apps from top notch companies.

User Testing

One of the best ways to make extra money on the side. For doing what?


For offering feedback  on a website or app. All you do is visit a website. Carry out some tasks and record your user experience with the website as feedback to the owners of the site. This may last you 10 to 20 minutes.

And then….

You can earn yourself up to $60 per test.ways for kids to make extra money

Here is what you require to get started. A computer with internet connection and a microphone. This can also be done on mobile gadgets. You should be at least 18 years old and able to speak English. You get paid via PayPal.

You can get to this site on the link usertesting.com

Please note that testers are only accepted from selected countries. You can check these countries on their website.

Medical Test Volunteer

You can volunteer for medical tests and be paid for it.

To help medical research, volunteers are required from time to time for medical tests. Compensation for such clinical trials may range from $100 to $8,000. This is obviously dependent on several factors.

One place where you can participate in paid clinical trials is with BioTrial Group. You can register here.

How Can Students Make a Side Income With YouTube?

If you need to make extra money, you can also try YouTube. You will need to register a channel. I have covered how to register a channel extensively in this post How to Make Money on YouTube Even if You are a Newbie.

There are several ways in which you can monetize your YouTube channel. And many vloggers today are making a killing on YouTube.

There are many things you can create videos about.How to Make Money on YouTube Even if You are a Newbie

If you search on Youtube with a particular keyword, you’ll notice that a number of videos will come up. Millions of people worldwide are visiting YouTube to learn something and for entertainment among other things.

As an example you can create a channel which teaches something you are good at.

Assuming that you are very good with Microsoft Excel, you can teach that on your channel. And you can make some money by adding affiliate links in the description area of your videos.

How To Make Cash Watching Videos

Major companies today are spending money in various ways in order for them to get feedback from the consumers of their products and services. One such way is paying you for watching videos. These videos are mostly about their products and services.

Obviously you will not make a lot of money with these ways of earning a side income. But the good thing is that they are not disrupting your life. You are actually being paid for the things you do in your day to day life. Here are websites you can go to and be paid for merely watching videos.

InBox Dollars

InBox Dollars pays you for several things. Watching videos, taking paid online surveys and playing games. They also pay to read emails and you can earn cashback when you shop online.

Major brand companies want you to watch short videos about their products and services. These are the ones paying InBox dollars and in turn InBox Dollars shares that money with you when you conduct the said activities through their platform.

Click here to register with InBox Dollars and earn $5.00 bonus just for registration.


This site Paid2YouTube will pay you for watching YouTube videos. The videos are posted on their site and you as a member of their site will watch those videos and be paid for it. You can increase your earnings by commenting on the videos and referring friends to join.


Using Swagbucks is another way you can earn money online. They have a range of videos you can watch.

Similar to InBox Dollars, they also provide online surveys. When you complete these surveys you get paid swag bucks which you can redeem as gift cards or PayPal cash.

Making The Money You Need Out Of Naming Businesses

Naming Force

If you have not heard of Naming Force, here is the gist of what they do.

There are businesses and individuals who cannot come up with creative names for their new products, businesses and websites. So they approach Naming Force to crowdsource creative names. Naming force then runs contests to the public to accomplish the task.ways to make extra money in college

And that is where you come in and use the opportunity to start making money online. You become a namer of such businesses, products and websites.

Do not under estimate the money you can make here. Naming Force actually publishes a 60 days leader board where you find namers making as much as $500 within 60 days. Top all time namers have earned as much as $15,800.00

Registration is only open to those in the United States of America and Canada. So click here to join and start making the money you require for some college needs.

Squad Help

Another naming platform for businesses, websites, products etc …

It works similar to Naming Force.

Contests are held and you as a creative of Squad Help are free to submit names for the contests. It even goes further, where the creative names you come up with can be displayed and businesses in need of creative names can buy a name if they like it. weird ways to make extra money

A lot of website creators turn to Squad Help to find suitable names for their businesses. And they are paying amounts as much as $2,000 for a name.

Top creatives on Squad Help have recorded life time earnings of more than $50,000. Register here and start making money online today.

Earn Money From Games

If you like playing games, you can generate money online playing games. As a college student, you can do this while relaxing and earn yourself some side income. Several sites exist where you can play games for cash. Here are two of them.

Wealth Words

If you like brain games you’ll love Wealth Words. This is an online cross word game that anyone above 18 is free to register for. What you need is an internet connection.

When you register and start to play a game, you are given a specific amount of time(1 hour) to complete the cross word game. Each game has a different prize amount on completion. There are free games to play and premium ones. The prize money for free games would mostly not exceed $30. The premium games have higher prize money. You need to buy tokens to play the premium games. Each token costs $0.25.

So head over to Wealth Words and start making the money from playing word games.

You have a chance of making money today with Paid Game Player.

With this website you can download and play over 600 games. These games can be played in your spare time. And the cool thing is you make some extra money for yourself.

Here is the link to register http://www.paidgameplayer.net/Admin/login.aspx

Cat 3: How To Make Money As a Student Using Your Skills and Talent

How to Earn Money While in School as a Copywriter


You can earn yourself cool cash in exchange of your copy writing skills. There are a lot of cash carrying clientele in search of articles for their blogs, websites, magazines etc. If you have the skill to churn out such articles, then you can sign up at upwork as a copywriter.

The number of jobs posted on Upwork is a lot. And as a freelance copywriter, you will not run short of jobs to bid for. It may interest you to know that as of April 2019, the average traffic on Upwork website is 38.1 millions visits per month. That is mammoth!


Fiverr is another great platform to use as a freelance writer.You can sign up for free here. Once signed up you can then setup your gig and position yourself to offer your skills to the global market on Fiverr.

Transcriptions – Easy Online Jobs for Students

A lot of people and businesses have dollars to pay for transcription services.

They give audio/video files and you transcribe the content to text for them. Once done, they pay you. And each one goes their way happy. That is one easy method of how to make a side income in college.

If you are able to do this work you can list your profile on Upwork.com and Fiverr.com. These two sites have been mentioned above and you can refer to them.

Design Work – How Can Students Earn Money?

If you’re skilled with designs, one place to make cash online is Fiverr. Now this may not be the last time you may be hearing of Fiverr in this article. Because Fiverr embraces a wide range of creativity. There are thousands of creative people offering a wide range of services and thousands seeking services from Fiverr.

In the area of design, you can offer yourself to design logos, brochure design, packaging design, infographic design……. The list goes on.

The minimum gig starts from $5 hence the name Fiverr. Check out Fiverr here and see what others are offering as you think of offering your skill.

Voice Over Artist

Again you can go to Fiverr and offer your service as a voice over artist. There are a good number of people offering voice over gigs on Fiverr.

If you think you have a good voice and a talented voice over artist, this is a great opportunity to embrace. You can also register and start making the money others are already raking in.

Do tasks as Fast Cash Jobs

As a student you can perform tasks to earn some money for college. There are several ways you can achieve this. And some of them can bring a lot of fun.

Task Rabbit

Use Task Rabbit to assist folks in the neighbourhood with things like mounting and installation. Some folks may require a hand in moving and packing their stuff. Others may need help in furniture assembly. The sweet thing is you’ll be paid for all these tasks. So the opportunities of making money as a student are many and you just need to pick what suits you.

Make Extra Money With Apparel Design


How can students earn money with Tshirts?

Well, it’s simple. There are several websites that can facilitate this way of earning an extra income. You have to be creative and companies that are in the print on demand business will handle the rest for you.

The good thing is there is no stock to hold on your side. Your duty is to design the tshirt and promote it on the internet. Let’s mention some websites that you can use for this.


You can register for free with Teespring here. how can i get money for college

Once registered you can go into designing your first tshirt. Teespring will host your designs and then you can start promoting your design.

Really, using Teespring is one of the creative ways to make extra money. For example I sold 23 units and made a profit of $160.08 in two days with this simple design below.


Here is another great platform that can bring in free money for college. Your creative designs are not limited to tshirts alone. They extend to various products like mugs, invitations, paper napkins, tote bags etc. ways to get money for collegeSo you upload your creative artistic work, photos, writing works or graphic designs for display on Zazzle products. These products once sold through the platform earns you a royalty you set yourself. It’s free to join and you can create your member account here.

How to Rake in Money During College Selling Your Class Notes

That’s true. You can sell your class notes and level up money for school. Your task is to be a great note taker so that other students benefit from your class notes.

It is possible to sell your notes to your colleagues. To enhance this, there is a website that can facilitate your effort to sell your notes.


At first I thought selling class notes was one of the weird ways to make extra money. But you soon realize that not every one can take good notes in class. And that’s the reason why other students are ready to buy well taken notes. This is where studysoup comes in. easy ways to make money in collegeStudysoup allows you to upload your class notes to its website and pays you for that. In fact, Studysoup has reported that elite note takers make up to $500 per semester. So here is an opportunity for you to make some extra buck on Studysoup.

Cat 4: Physical Ways to Get Money For College

Sit/Walk Pets

Sitting pets count as quick cash jobs for students. There may be people who would be on holiday and would like someone to take care of their pet. Or maybe they will just want you to walk their pet. If you want to make some bucks and you love pets, this may be ideal for you. Let’s look at some of the platforms you can use for this.


Register with Rover here and make free money for school.

Whilst this may be one of the ways to make extra money fast, Rover requires you to submit your detailed profile including personal information before they can accept you as a sitter. This is obviously understandable because security of their customers must be ascertained to some extent.


You can also take care of pets through the care.com website. This site also provides for child care, senior care and house keeping. ways to make extra money for kidsIf you are keen on searching you will discover that there are many work from home jobs for students. So the onus of how to get money for college lies with you the student.

Social Ways to Make Extra Money in College

Rent a Friend

Rent a Friend is a website used all over the world. People use it to find friends to show them around a city. Others to find friends to go to cinemas with. And yet others to find friends to play a particular sport with. The list goes on.

If you’re an outgoing person and gets a kick from meeting strangers this will resonate with you. And since you’re looking for ways of how to earn money in college,  it’s a grand opportunity to do so with what you’re passionate about.

To use this method, you have to register on Rent a Friend as a friend. free college money for studentsYou put your profile there and as people are searching for friends you will find that someone hires you as a friend. Registration is free and you get to keep 100% of all the money you earn. I think that is one of the cool ways to make yourself money while in school.

Get Paid to Exercise

Imagine that.

If you are still whining that ‘how can I get money for college,’ you better start exercising. It’s actually a duo benefit way. You achieve a healthful living by exercising and you earn money for it.

The platform you use here is called Achievement. how to make money at schoolThe various opportunities we are showing you may not be necessarily ways to make a lot of money. But the benefits that you gain are important both to your physical and pocket health.

Fast Money Jobs -Delivering Food for Restaurants and Groceries

You can consider delivering food for restaurants and groceries as one of the best jobs for quick cash. There are several sites you can use to get these jobs.


How to make extra money at school with Doordash is a matter of balancing your time. Because with Doordash, you are the one to accept delivery orders. So this is something you can do in your spare time. You can register today with Doordash and start delivering food. This is one of the great ways to make a lot of money on your own schedule.

Uber Eats

If qualifying for financial aid for college is an issue, you can use these opportunities in food delivery to bridge your shortfall. Uber Eats is another platform you can use to deliver food on behalf of restaurants. You can deliver whenever you want and you choose your own duration. Uber Eats pays you on a weekly basis.


When you reach the Postmates website, an emphatic tagline greets you.

“Anything, anytime, anywhere. Postmate it.”

And here is where you come in as a student wanting to make some extra money for your college needs. You can register on Postmates as a deliverer. looking to make extra moneySigning up on Postmates is free. They charge you no fees leaving you with 100% of what you earn after completing a delivery.

A free delivery bag will be sent to you after you register. Click here to register with Postmates and start making deliveries that will bring you extra income on the side.

Work Study Jobs

The Federal Work-Study Program provides a platform on how to qualify for financial aid. Students with a financial need have a chance to get help with their expenses. This can also assist them to get valuable work experience. Work-study provides part time jobs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

You can apply for the Federal Work-Study Program using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA). Providing required adequate information gives you a good chance of how to get the most from FAFSA. You will need to indicate that you would like to be considered for Work-Study.

 Part Time Off Campus Jobs

Finding a part-time job could be one of the best ways to gain money during the summer. You may build valuable job experience using this method. These jobs can be done whilst in school or indeed over the summer.

Choices for such jobs are many. However, there are some common ones that students enjoy like rendering retail services, customer service representatives, teaching assistants and much more.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

The wages will obviously differ from place to place. And that is one of the things you should consider when applying for part-time jobs.

Cat 5: Making Money While in College By Selling Items

Sell Your Phones, Tablets, CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays …..

How to earn money at school is simpler than you thought. Methods of how to make cool cash in college cannot surpass getting rid of things you no longer need. If you have a phone you no longer use or CDs, you can easily get rid of them for cash. Let’s check some websites you can use.


Here is your link to Decluttr. This is one of the best sites to offload your tech devices. By simply selecting the make, model as well as condition of your device, Decluttr will offer you an instant price. So in those times of emergency money for college student needs, this is a cool method to get some cash. I must be quick to mention that there are several other sites where you can sell your unwanted stuff. Here is another site.


You can go to this website on this link Gazelle. how to get grants for collegeYou can equally sell your tech devices on this site. Unlike the old times, how to earn money at school has not been this easy.

Sell Textbooks

Selling textbooks will bring you student money for college. If you have books you used the previous semester and are no longer going to be used, think of selling them. You can easily do this on the website called textbookrush.com. All you do is punch in the ISBN number from the back cover of your book. The site will then give you a quote that is valid for 7 days. If you are happy with the quote, they provide you with a prepaid shipping label to enable you send the book to them. After that you get paid. The money may not be equivalent to finding college grant money. However, it may bridge the gap on how to pay for college needs that arise from time to time.

Sell Your Hair

Selling your own hair can give any college student quick cash. You can use buyandsellhair.com to achieve this. emergency money for college students

For those with especially long hair, selling your hair is probably one of the best ways to make extra money in college. Take a look at a sample of the adverts on the site. What are you waiting for? This is purely free college money for students. For example, I found an interesting review about a student who sold hair for $4,000 on hairsellon.com. This is another site where you can sell your hair. Here is what I found.

You can donate your blood plasma and earn cash for it. The blood plasma is used to treat people with ailments such as blood clotting disorders.

When you are donating blood plasma, blood is first drawn from you. Then the plasma is separated. And the remaining blood components are returned to you. You’ll make roughly around $50 for the donation. Click here to find a licensed centre for blood plasma donations.

So out of the many ways of how college students can make extra money that have been shared, find one that suits you and redeem your situation. Obviously, with a little effort on your side, you’ll realize that any student has a potential to make some extra income on the side.

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