10 websites to make $100 per day

2 Ingenious Ways to Make Money Fast

Last Updated on August 9, 2022

Guys, it’s just too much!

Who can stomach this any longer? You introduce me to a website for online money-making. And what do you do? You leave me by the door and like a grasshopper, you hop off yet to another website. And another. And another!


What is the use of giving me 101 making money websites without showing me how the heck I should do it? I’m sick and tired of seeing things like “…go to fiverr.com, get a gig for your skill and you can make $100 a day…..”

I would rather you were practical. Took me by the hand. Showed me how to make money and left me doing it all by myself.

Does that speak to your situation?

Well, let me save you the pain and give you practical ways to make money fast.

But first, let’s get rid of some thinking mischief from several people. I hope you are not among them!

And the thinking mischief?

To earn money in exchange for nothing!”

No guys. We ain’t talking about magic here.

How to make money requires you to offer either your effort, time and money or any combination of these. Lucky for you is that sometimes the effort, time and money required is in quantities that we can easily afford.

We ain’t talking about churning out thousands of dollars here to get rich. We talking about ways to make extra money that will take care of those daily expenditures that crop up all the time.

If you are in it, then here is some good help for you.

#1. Make Quick Cash Flipping Instagram Accounts

There are platforms were Instagram accounts are being sold. And this is one great way you can use to start making money today even without having grown an Instagram account by yourself.

Here is one way you can use.

This method teaches you where and how to buy Instagram accounts cheaply and sell them at a higher price somewhere else.

That is one component of business. Isn’t it? Buying and selling.

You can buy an Instagram account for as low as $20 and flip it by as much as $550. You can do the math for your return on investment.

Sounds interesting?


Then go to this website: https:/Playerup.com and sign up.

It’s a marketplace where you can buy and sell mostly game accounts.

Check the screenshot below.ways to make money fast

I want you to scroll down almost to the bottom of the page. Find a tab called “All Other Games/Market Places” and select it.how to make money as a teenager

The result.creative ways to make money

Now check the alphabet on top and pick the letter “I” after which you will get the window below. Chose “Instagram” from it as shown.how to make money fast as a kid

Here now you have a list of Instagram accounts on sale. Sort on price and then look through what is on offer. For example, the image below shows an account with 5,000 followers being sold for $15. It is actually possible to get better deals than this. Make sure you do your due diligence and find an offer that is good. how to make money online for beginners

How safe is my $15 or whatever amount?

Good question.

Whenever you are looking at ways to earn money online or offline, you need to be cautious of where you put your money. So before you use your credit card there must be some level of assurance from any site like this that sells anything.

The Playerup website uses middleman services to protect both the buyer and the seller. This means that the seller does not get paid until the buyer secures the product purchased. Further, if the product is not as described, the buyer can return the merchandise and cancel the transaction.

There are of course other benefits with the middleman services from what I have stated above. But all in all, we want to make sure that our $15 or whatever amount we spend is safe and can be reclaimed in case we are not satisfied.

Let’s move on.

After Purchasing an Instagram Account Then What?

Quickly head over to fameswap.com.how to make money online for free

But hold on a moment.

What are we trying to do? Well, in case you are wondering, here is the low down of it.

The simple answer is that we are buying an item from a cheap market and selling it at a market where the item can fetch more.

Let me give an example.

I’m sure you have heard of Alibaba. That giant market place built by the famous Jack Ma. Alibaba is a market place known for cheap priced quality goods. Did you know that there are thousands of people buying products from Alibaba and reselling them on Ebay? And guess what? The resell amount on Ebay is much higher.

That is a great way of making money.

Okay. Let us now go and sell that Instagram account on fameswap.com

You can sell Instagram accounts and YouTube channels on Fameswap. In fact, Fameswap claims it is the largest marketplace for Instagram accounts that attract media companies, large brands, influencers, and marketing agencies from all over the world.

Register your account in under a minute and list your Instagram account for sale.

Observe the screenshot below sorted on the number of account followers. Notice the attractive price ranges for an account with around 5,000 followers which you could have purchased at a much lower price from Playerup.com. how to make extra money on the side

So get started today and start flipping Instagram accounts in your spare time. Of course, there are other websites like the ones I have given you that can be used for this purpose.

For further inspiration on your way to make money, check how This 23-year-old has made $120,000 buying and selling instagram accounts.

#2. How to Make Money With This Ridiculously simple method

Are you curious about the method?

It’s editing photos even when you have never done it before.

This world is funny sometimes. There are people in this world who want to edit their photos by removing the background. The problem is they don’t know how to do it. Or the methods they have of doing it are laborious and time-consuming. But they are ready to spend money and pay somebody to do it.

So you can take that as your side hustle.

And the good thing!

I will show you how to do it in five seconds without a single click.

But first things first.

Go to this website: People per Hour.i need money desperately

Click on freelancer and register an account. You are going to do some easy freelance work in your spare time. Don’t freak out thinking it is something difficult. I’ll show you exactly what to do. It is one way to earn good money in your free time.

By the way, you can also register another account on Fiverr.com to offer the same service and increase your chances of getting more customers.

Now that you have registered as a freelance on People Per Hour, go to the search window and type “Background removal”

That is the service you are going to offer. Removing image backgrounds. how to make quick money in one day

You will notice from the result that there are many guys offering this service. This is an indicator that there are a lot of folks who are seeking the service. So, complete your profile and after comparing the existing price range for the service, set up your gig at a price that should not vary so much with what others are offering.

When you pick up your first customer and they give you images to remove backgrounds, just go to this site: Remove.bg. how to make 300 dollars in a day

The website will remove the background automatically in seconds. Download the resulting images and send them back to your customer.

Isn’t that a cool way to earn good money online?

Here is an example of the quality of work that remove.bg is able to produce.

There you are. I have given you clever ways to make money fast that you can start using today. Remember your exchange rate to make money online. Time, effort and money in quantities you can afford.

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